Sunday Night

I got a bunch of masks from Bear when he went to Korea. He’s been begging me to try this one and finally after a year I did. I did like that it was a 2-piece set. Easier to put on. I do like masks but I feel like my skin feels great for the evening… This however comes with a cream you apply on your face before you put on the gold creepy thing.

After 20 minutes, you discard the mask and apply the rest of the cream. The cream is what’s amazing. I’m not sure if the mask is used to keep the moisture from evaporating… however my skin never felt better. Even throughout the night, into the morning until I took a shower and washed my face. However my skin feels much better days after this mask than any other.

Rubber Mask Nourishing Lover

@ShinePapers Have Arrived!!!!!!

To my surprise, the company has exceeded all expectations on this product.

Starting with the gold packaging which is super awesome and the contents of the envelope.

Came in a paper jewelry box sort of thing with an authenticity card. Totally impressed by their execution in product merchandising. Bravo!!

They’re so pretty I just want to keep them in the packaging. It’s like getting a new pair of Manolo Blahnik, you never want to wear it out the first time in case of ruining it or making a knick!



iPhone > Samsung S5?

I sort of live by “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

I’ve been seeing my eyelash girl Yeana for 11 years.

I have the same favorite restaurants and wear the same type of clothing.

I’m not trendy and I like to do what works.

I’ve had my iPhone since… well, since iPhone 4.

It took a while for me to move from my Blackberry Torch.

I’m anticipating on the iPhone 6 and haven’t gotten a new phone even with my cracked front and back and missing glass pieces on my phone on the front screen.


But the other day, I saw a commercial for the Gold Samsung S5.


I would totally change it but then I’d lose my unlimited data that was grandfathered in from way back when!

Decisions decisions.

What should I do??