Another Night @BevHillsHotel

My first visit to this hotel was back in 2005. I was taken to The Polo Lounge for lunch one day and from that moment, my life had changed. I loved the feeling of arriving into a grand entrance. Not that I’m a fan of pink, but the hotel is pink with accents that remind me of South of France or some chic European setting.

Every corner of the hotel is exquisite and the service is impeccable. I giggle and tingle every time I get a change to visit.

Only thing I’d add to this establishment is that I’d wish they served my vodka.

St. George Vodka

Balenciaga Leather Jacket
Leather Shorts
Metallic Booties
Goyard Purse (style only in Europe) – SIMILAR

@LadyDelilah_LA, I Love You. cc: @hwoodgroup

Ladies’ HH at Delilah WeHo. Love this place. Bathroom review coming soon!

They have a live 3-person show, although the singer can be a bit better… the music style is freaking amazing. I love standards so this establishment is just up my alley. Ambiance is great, food was delicious… however, it’s a bitch trying to get reservations and you can’t even get it to sit at the bar without one.

I need to make friends with the boys from H. Wood Group.

Help, anyone?

Little Differences #ChanelMini

I borrowed Catalina’s Chanel mini for NY and this is where the difference lies.

When she let me borrow it, I picked it up from Brenda’s place. She had borrowed my white fox fur for a photoshoot so she had it in an Hermès shopping bag with the mini. 

Now here I am, with the mini shoved in my purse to give back to her. 

I don’t know why I didn’t put it in a little bag to it to her. I had it in my purse, cause #1, it fits, and #2 I still had my stuff in it. 

I’m embarrassed about not being classy in this moment.

With that said, I love the mini! I can’t live without it and I realized how amazing and convenient it’s been. I really hate lugging around a huge purse and the bigger it is, the more crap I put in. 


#Birthday w/ Friends

I’ve celebrated many birthdays and all my 32 years of living, last night’s celebration with friends was the best I’ve ever had.

The company of dear friends with great food and drinks is all we really need in life.

It was a moment of clarity knowing that I’m surrounded by amazing friends who give me love, support and happiness. I am truly blessed to have such special people in my life who make me want to do and be a better person.

Friends are worth living and celebrating life.

#Cheers and #thank you so much for the generous gift and an unforgettable evening!










Too bad we always forget to take a group photo!