I have never been to the UK. One thing on my bucket list was to go to Monaco for the Grand Prix but scheduling and $$$ was a factor. As a substitue, we ended up getting tickets to the Grand Prix in Silverstone, UK. We used the Fourth of July holiday to take the vacation while I was working and Bear was transitioning from his old job to his new one.

We stayed in Shepard’s Bush and went to Paris for a day. It was an exciting time since the UK had made it to the top something for World Cup. We got to experience London and Paris during the last final games of the World Cup. The energy was UNREAL.

The best part of the trip was the F1 race of course. My future ex-husband Lewis Hamilton did not win the race in his home country but he made it to 2nd on the podium after a bump right after takeoff.

I can’t wait to go to all the F1 races in the future!!!

As for London, I’m okay with never coming back. It was just another version of New York with mediocre food.

@ToyotaGPLB Sunday Funday!!!

Terry invited us to the private party atop the Wells Fargo Building in Long Beach to watch the #indycar race. Too bad we couldn’t actually see it, or actually, luckily there was an open bar so we just got drunk and ate! 🙂

It’s ridiculous how much fun I have with them… I had so much fun I came home at 6:30pm and knocked out until the morning for work. 😛IMG_2527








Field Trip

The professor set up a field trip to go watch the film Grand Prix at the Academy of Motion Picture & Sciences during the Last 70mm Film Festival.

They had the director’s wife, actors and members of the crew as well in a panel before the show.

The film was 3 hours long. Which we didn’t stay the entire time for. Maybe if they didn’t have the panel for an hour before they started the film I would’ve stayed and watched the whole film.

But I was tired and hungry and so was my company.

They had an intermission halfway through the film so we left.


The film was amazing. With the limited resources back in 1966, it was shot well.

I definitely have to see the rest of the film on DVD.

The film had more than I thought I’d want. Beautiful women, cars, racing, beautiful scenery and race car drivers.

Sounds pretty perfect for me!

Formula 1 racing originated from Grand Prix and is still referred to as Grand Prix Racing.