Why Do People Do This? @Equinox #lockerroometiquette

Why do women at all of the Equinox gyms have this issue. Every single location I’ve visited, the women’s’ locker rooms look like shit. There are towels everywhere, stinky sneakers just lying around, their shit covering the entire bench. As you can see in the video below, the bench is wide and a square. If you are walking away from the bench, make sure you are only occupying the space of the size of your bag or put your shit in the locker. You should not be away from your stuff when it is covering that much of the surface area of a bench for more than the time it takes me to undress and put on my workout clothes.

Also, women who spread their hairs all over the shower walls and leave shaving tools in the shower AFTER you’re done using it, are disgusting. Clean up after yourselves.

Pick up after yourselves. The towels that you’ve used… put it in the dirty bin.

I just don’t understand.

Oh another thing, if I’m getting dressed and happened to be half-naked and there is another way to walk away from your locker aside from walking behind me and the bench (about 2.5′ of area between the locker and the bench which leave 1.5′ with me in between it), go the fuck around. Don’t ever fucking get that close to me when I’m half naked and the coast is clear the other way around.

The above paragrah is directed towards the fobby Chinese gym goers at the DTLA location. We’re not in China, we have this thing called personal space, we do NOT need to be close to each other.

No More Ziploc!

My ghetto ass has been using a ziploc bag to carry all the junk that I don’t really need but may need in my purse. When that moment came to pull it out in public and I was embarrassed, I decided the ziploc was not the way to go. I purchased this clear bag for my purse for all the crap. It really helps me locate things and keep it all together in one place. As oppose to having it all over my purse and when I brake really hard, everything goes flying. 😛 Now I kind of want a bigger version for my gym bag, since I use a gallon sized ziploc for my shower scrub, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Clear Waterproof Travel Bag


Always #Stretch @MansionFitness #LookFitNaked

My favorite part of a workout is the stretching. I always want to ask someone at Equinox to stretch me on their beds but I feel weird asking. I missed having a personal trainer.

The stretch can be painful but it feels so good!






#doingJim @MansionFitness

Ok that’s not me, but I met JO at the Mansion Fitness to get my assessment from Brent. He’s a trainer Jo found and started training with. I’m just piggy backing and doing a semi private!

I had a mini workout so he can see my strengths and weaknesses. Then he assessed my body. I have 20.5% body fat. He said he can get me to 16% and 108, I’ll be happy and then he’ll be happy that I’m happy!

My money wouldn’t go to waste!

Today’s workout was mini amazing. I can’t wait to see him again!





Not only was the workout great, the gym is quality.


The most comfortable NIKEs I’ve ever owned are the FlyKnits. I’m always looking to see if they have new colors and styles coming out.

I even have two of the same pairs. Although the first buy (from Bear Baby) was a 6.5 and the second was a 7 (by accident).

I still decided to keep the 7, since when pregnant, feet have a tendency to get swollen. I’d want my fat tootsies to be as comfortable as possible!

Nike – Womens Free Flyknit 4.0large

Nike – Free Flyknit 4.0

large (1)

I have the Lunarglides for workout but technically, I can use the Flyknits too. They’re just too pretty to work out and mess up. In actuality, it gets dirtier wearing them daily than wearing them #DOINGJIM.

Nike – Womens Lunarglide 6

large (2)

Maybe I should wear my #flyknits to the gym instead so they’ll last longer!

While you’re at it, you need some #NinjaSox to go with it!

Don’t forget to use discount code “iloveviolet“!


WilFit Sports Club Prices

Please inquire! I have special prices for those who are interested in joining the new luxury gym in Koreatown!

Sign Up between:

$66.50 -30%
$71.25 -25%
$76.00 -20%

We have day, month to month, 6 months, 1 year and 2 year membership prices as well!

1 Day Pass $15.00

Month-by-month $95.00

6 month $90.25/month -Discount 5%

1 YR $85.50/month -Discount 10%

2 YR $80.75/month -Discount 15%

Please leave your name, number and email and I will be glad to sign you up or provide more information if needed!

We will provide workout clothes that you can drop off and we launder for you if you forgot or want to squeeze in a work out you didn’t plan. 🙂

So many amenities for your convenience and top notch machines to get you in shape!

The club is anticipating an August opening!

If you go to the sales office, make sure to let them know Violet Kim referred you!

WilFit Sports Club

Today was my second walk through and seeing the construction moving so quickly got me super excited about the upcoming opening.

The drywall has been put up, painted and being able to watch the space come together has been a privilege! Although the time I get to work with WilFit is insufficient, I’m glad to be a part of this great new opportunity.

The project started in October and taking space behind Velvet Room between Mariposa and Normandie on the south side of Wilshire, it is one that the residents of Koreatown will appreciate once doors open.

Everyone is working day and night to get this sports club to where it needs to be for the soft opening that is planned for mid May.

This is exactly what Koreatown needed. A gym comparable to Equinox, with spinning, yoga, pilates, other group classes, Kinesis, towel service and a juice bar. Parking will be complimentary for 3 hours while utilizing the facility and I can assure you that it won’t be anything like the nasty 24 hour Fitness down the street.




Are you excited Koreatown? Cause I sure am!

Stay posted for more upcoming information!