I like guys who don’t look like they have yellow fever…

The biggest fear about dating while being an Asian female is coming across men with “yellow fever”. This is a term I’ve heard since… Well, since I’ve been saying. Lol!

It’s such a stereotype and so wrong to categorize men in these circumstances but it’s so funny!

Maybe that was my fear of not wanting to date non Asians! (No, it wasn’t.)

I was discussing #yellowfever with JO in the car on the way to personal training.

Even though Bear’s gf prior to me was yellow, I know for a fact Bear does not have #yellowfever. Or I’d like to think, he doesn’t. (Fingers crossed). His first yellow was her and before that he just went for the yellow hairs.

The reason for my post is that at that moment of discussing Bear’s situation, I said, “At least he doesn’t look like he has yellow fever!” Which IS the most important!!!

Then, we started to discuss our trainer. He has #yellowfever. He, too, does not look like he does. Coincidentally, his ex fiancé is #hapa, half yellow and half yellow haired. 😛

We realized figured he had #Yellowfever. Maybe he doesn’t, because he doesn’t look like he does.

It’s a total stereotype but guys with yellow fever look pathetic and creepy. Desperation is another characteristic. There’s an aura about them and how they carry themselves in public, especially around Asian women.

Please, if you are a male and have yellow fever, don’t act like it. PLEASE! Thank you! xxoo

Interracial Double Dating

Hung out with friends again. Took them to EMC since they’ve never been!

Got to see the beautiful girls again!

I realized we were both interracial couples. Not as many people stared, but if I was on the other side, I would have! 😛

Rosè for the moms and and Old Fashioned for the men.


The beautiful ladies!









I didn’t want girls but seeing these two, I can’t wait to have girls of my own!