#Repeat #OOTN

So I decided to wear the same outfit both nights in Vegas. #DJMK1200 was spinning at Jewel and Omnia so I was good to go. I wouldn’t be seeing anyone twice, except that this girl I met totally stalked me at Omnia on Saturday after I met her on Friday. She asked on Friday what I was doing, I said Mike was spinning at Omnia, she asked if she could come. I thought it was a bit weird since I just met her. I asked, you and who else? She said she was with five friends, I said probably not. WTF.

She ended up showing up anyway and I had to turn her away. There wasn’t space for her!

She probably recognized the shirt…

The shirt was a hit. Metallic buttonup from H&M. I got compliments from a lot of people. So did my heels.

To your luck, it’s on sale.

H&M Shimmering Metallic Shirt
Manolo Blahnik Neon Orange Pumps (similar)

Aging Backwards #Color

My first print article of clothing!

I’m aging backwards because I’m becoming more open to color and print.
I saw these pants at the store and ended up going back for a second time to purchase another size (just in case my trainer grows my butt and I cannot fit into a size 2).

The pants are NOT on the site yet, but they do have a dress version.








New Job, New Clothes!!

Came to the H&M at 7th & Fig because I didn’t want to spend so much. I just needed a few outfits to help me get my week started.

I know she said business professional but that’s not the impression I got when I visited. I think she only wanted to emphasize “NO CLEAVAGE”. I remember she made a comment once and I was not trying to show my boobs. I’m sorry my boobs are so big that it’s in your face even when I try to dress conservative.

I even went to Zara after, no luck. Either it was way overpriced or not cute enough.

Although I found a pair of pump that I loved but were too big to purchase. Luckily, they were on sale online and they had my size! 🙂


I only ended up walking out with three items. I guess you’ll have to see when I wear it out!

BTW, I hate business professional. Well, cheap business professional, that is. I wouldn’t mind Dolce & Gabbana suits all day and every day!





All Over It @HM

We were trying to kill time so we stopped by H&M too. I saw this and wanted to try it on but was too lazy. I need to go back.

Faux Leather Overall. I would totally link it but it’s not available on the website. Trust me, I searched everywhere.


Overalls are coming back in, I’m wondering if I should have kept my Calvin Klein Overalls from middle school. 😛

Who remembers this? hahahha #oldschool #baggywasin




Wore my new shoes out and I wanted to kill someone. My feet were HURTING! Do feet get wider as we get older?

My shoes seem a bit narrow, I know I don’t have wide feet. Or do I?

The girls said, I just need to break them in.

BTW, love the top from H&M, my unnie picked up and offered before she returned it. I’m so glad I snagged it.

Loose, soft (almost silky), perfect back, front and side. Shows a bit of my boobs without showing the sag. HA! 😛

Of course I paired it with one of my faux leather shorts (that’s not visible).












Jewelry by: #RUBYSTELLA