Overnight Essentials @ColonyPalmsPS

My week in PS was spent at the Colony Palms Hotel in Palms Springs. Out of all the hotels I’ve been to in PS, this is by far my favorite. It’s intimate, has great service, VALET, comfy beds and THE BEST CAESAR salad ever. I mean, their restaurant is called Purple Palm. 😛

This is my go to spot when I’m in town for work.

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@ParkerPalm Post Wedding #Bachelorette Weekend

Drove down Saturday after work to enjoy a girls’ weekend by the pool and to consume butter cake at Mastro’s. Which we could have done in LA but something about a 1.5 hour drive makes it seem like we’re actually getting away.

AND, I’ve never been to the Parker. Though I enjoyed their property and suites, their pool did need an upgrade. At first I wasn’t sure which way I was suppose to enter. All the gates were closed or were closing and the resort was surrounded by tall hedges that made me feel like I was missing out, being on the other side.

Once I finally figured it out, I was ready to jump out of my car and sit in an air conditioned room. I was in La Quinta for a work retreat just the week before and it was 118 degrees. Luckily the past weekend was only 100.

My first visit so I had no idea where room 14 was. We walked up to the front desk to ask where room 14 was. Shes asked north or south. I texted my friends and she texted back, next to kiddy pool. I told front desk dummy. She asked 14, or 40? In unison, Jo and I both said 14, with emphasis. She said, there’s no 14 in the north building. I gave my friend’s name and waited… more than I thought I would have to. She asked again, 14, or 40? I almost yelled like the MGM lion on tv, 14, but I yelled liked a lady. She kept looking and looking and again, the front desk dumb bitch said, there is no 40. I gave the last name again and the dummy says, OHHHHH 14?

WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WE WE’RE SAYING???? We clearly said 14, just because I speak perfect English and you have a hard time understanding because you speak with a Latin accent, doesn’t mean I have to waste my time standing there with my awesome furry white luggage while you figure out where we belong. She was the dumbest person in the world. The funny thing is, she was asking about 14 the whole time. I’m very articulate so I know the difference between FOURTEEN AND FORTY. The dummy, as a receptionist, should have been clearer from the beginning.

I was frustrated and annoyed but not as Jo. Jo brought out the demon inside of her and it was a good thing that not a lot of people were around because it was SCARY and even a little shocking. I calmed her down and we continued on our mission down the dirt path. Which I hated, even more than the front desk receptionist girl. She probably made it worse because the rest of the weekend, I didn’t mind the dirt path so much.

When we arrived, my three friends were already drunk and ready to party… so that is what we did. We drank and talked shit and laughed and listened to music.

It was a great weekend and I don’t need to do it again for a while. 😛


Perfect Getaway @TheLineHotel

I’ve been wanting a #staycation for a while and now we have the perfect opportunity. We got a one night free voucher for modeling in their wedding shoot and I cannot wait to redeem it!
This hotel is both hip and chic without it being too pretentious. The cool color scheme and contemporary design makes you feel like you’re living ahead of time whilst you peek through the windows into the timeless view of Hollywood Hills.

This hotel is a #MUSTTRY if you’re ever visiting Los Angeles. It is prime to all areas such as Hollywood, DTLA, Beverly Hills, Westwood and smack dab in the core of KOREATOWN.

They offer bicycle rentals to whiz through LA traffic and it even has a horn for unconscientious drivers!

The Line Hotel offers many adventures in one place. The lobby is fun to people watch, trust me, you’ll never feel like you’re in Koreatown. The bar and cafe is perfect for #happyhour and snacks. (Don’t forget to try the mac & cheese pizza!) The Pot restaurant is nothing like you’ve experienced. The food and ambiance is out of this world. The pool is for relaxing, ping pong for athletes and foosball for reminiscing college years. (Unless you’re still in college, then you’re home away from home.) And of course the Commissary. I have yet to try but I saw the beauty from 10 feet away and I swear I heard birds singing and saw them dancing like the Disney movie Cinderella. It looks whimsical and I hear the food is worth overeating!

Again, I thank Roy Choi, team at The Line Hotel, Bonnie Tsang, Kelsey Kahn, Moon Canyon and my fiancé for such an unforgettable day!