Gordon from Scion was kind enough to bring me a bottle of bubbly so I shared it with the girls!

Jessica did the honors. Just like me, she LOVES champagne.

Erica & Sadie drank a bit… they like the other stuff.




We of course saved a glass for Gordon and we were done with the bottle.

The nice guy that Gordon is, he brought us two more!

Thank you G!





Know how to pop your own champagne.

I gotta get over the fear and learn!


I noticed I was getting low on my inventory of my Bear Baby handkerchief so we decided to stop by Chung’s Appliance to pick up more. Of course to my luck, they did not carry it anymore.


When Bear Baby first moved to his place, we came here to get some household items.

I saw this near the checkout aisle and I wanted a 손수건 (handkerchief) so I grabbed the cutest one and it was the one with the baby bear and the mommy bear. It was super fitting because of his nickname Bear. I ended up buying about six. I mean, geez, they’re so cheap, only $.69!

Well, when I went today, this is all they had. I asked two different employees but this was all they had.

I must go back in a month and check again. I got five of the yellow happy memories.



always carry a handkerchief, you never know when you’ll need it to wipe your, tears/nose/lipstick/any other gunk


A year ago, I had an issue with dry scalp. I hate having to be NOT perfect. Having dry skin and flakes of whatever on my body is just not ok.

I researched over the net and discovered that the product below was used for just that.

At first I thought it was dandruff but then my hair dresser told me that my scalp was dry.

The Tea Tree Treatment is a bit minty and has little balls to help massage my head as I lather it into my scalp.

I’ve noticed that after I used this product, my scalp isn’t dry anymore and it’s doesn’t look like I haven’t showered. 😛

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment



don’t have flaky shit coming from your head.


Hermès, Jour d’Hermès has another scent called Absolu and it is just as magnificent as the original Jour d’Hermès.

It’s a bit pinker than the original and below, if you look close enough, it has Absolu written below.


Jour d’Hermès Absolu – Eau de parfum

I always want the body lotion and or cream and the shower gel.

I have yet to see the Absolu in those products but I feel like the base scent is similar enough that you’ll be able to get away with using the original lotion/cream and shower gel.

Jour d’Hermès – Perfumed body cream
Jour d’Hermès – Perfumed shower gel