#EarlyBird @Equinox

I’m on a roll. 🙂

Monday and I was up and at the gym by 5:15am.

My shirt is actually Tyler’s. It was too big so I decided to keep it for myself.

I mean, HELLO! Awesome since forever!

H&M Shirt
Women’s Under Armour Pants
Swarovski Crystal iPhone Case
Hiar Claw
Theory Fur
Swarovski Polar Loop Activity Tracker

@LadyDelilah_LA, I Love You. cc: @hwoodgroup

Ladies’ HH at Delilah WeHo. Love this place. Bathroom review coming soon!

They have a live 3-person show, although the singer can be a bit better… the music style is freaking amazing. I love standards so this establishment is just up my alley. Ambiance is great, food was delicious… however, it’s a bitch trying to get reservations and you can’t even get it to sit at the bar without one.

I need to make friends with the boys from H. Wood Group.

Help, anyone?

#New #iPhoneCase

My Chanel cigarette case is getting old and needs to go into retirement. 😛 I have been searching for one, or on the lookout for one but haven’t found a silicone one that I liked a lot. Finally a rubber one I can use and not worry about dropping my phone. I don’t like the plastic ones and it doesn’t really help protect it, I think.

Blue Chill Pill 3D iPhone Case by Valfre

#iPhone6Case @CelebStatJewels

#iPhone6Case @CelebStatJewels

Was suppose to have been beige, but came orange so I bought the purple and the black. Shipping takes forever so I had to order it right away.

Cannot go any longer without a phone case. I will be returning this one, unless someone wants to buy it off me?


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