@CamKixOfficial #Bluetooth

My cousin RC kept recording Snapchats without using his phone AND I knew that it wasn’t anyone recording him. So I had to ask. He bought this little device from Amazon (link below) to record snaps, hands free! I of course had to get it too. How else am I suppose to record myself eating without this!

CamKix Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control with Wrist Strap for Smartphones


I hate sports!

Okay, so I only liked it for a little bit. I paid $20 to a guy at the office to join in on a bracket thing for March Madness. Bear picked my teams of course because I don’t know anything about college basketball. I lost. I am in 11th place. Kansas and Michigan was his final pick and neither made it. He also made mistakes like picking Texas A&M when he meant to pick Texas or vice versa… whatever, I lost.

We had dinner Sunday evening and he was sneaking in a sports game. Honestly I didn’t care because I was too busy snapchatting my face.

The moral of the story is, sports is fun when there’s is money on it. And even more fun if I win. Bear won $100 so I was happy. 🙂

#Cyst – Back Again

I can’t believe this motherfucker came back again. I realized it’s from the use of my iPhone. I am texting and playing candy crush too much! I have an appointment Thursday for removal, and I am not looking forward to it. They stick a huge as needle and suck out all the puss. I will try to snapchat it. 🙂



I was thinking of something work related, but looking for images under “work it” it was all workout stuff!

workitwedbannerI guess I can go back and forth depending on what I have to discuss.

Since I’m starting fresh this week, I haven’t had much time to plan out my daily categorized posts, with that said, this #WORKITwednesday is the best and only workout app I use.


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