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Bear’s car has been sitting for a while because we ran out of miles. I mean, of course we did. We freaking drive EVERYWHERE.

Bear got an email for a special… no disposition fee for the lease return before the end of the year.

The deal we got was fucking out of this world.

YiWen – Irvine BMW, CALL HIM. Tell him I referred, Duh!

2018 530i, sport line package with heated seats, rearview camera, navi. White exterior, black interior. Oh and guess what, now the interior lights have Violet color for the mood lighting. I love it!

Didn’t realize it didn’t have the trunk button and keyless until the next day when I drove the car. I was really annoyed. Now I for sure won’t want to drive his car. No keyless is fine for guys cause they always have the key on hand. As for me, it’s in my deep and wide Goyard where I have to dig through shit to find it. Luckily I have that big ass Snoopy Coach key chain, but still, it’s so annoying to grab it out of my purse so I can push a button. Who pushes buttons nowadays anyway???

With echos and Google Home Voice Activated Speaker, everything is automated!

Oh and that’s us taking off the plates cause I’m having it transferred.

Mommy’s New Car #BMWX6 @IrvineBMW

First, I’d like to say THANK YOU to Yi-Wen & Paul at Irvine BMW for helping us get into a beautiful car. We took a week to think about it after our first visit and we were all glad to have walked away with the BMW X6 M Sport.

Don’t get me wrong, the only SUV I’ll drive is still the Range Rover (and not the sport) but the X6 comes in a close second. I fell in love with the X6 when it first came out and I’ve had my eye on it and finally we have it in our garage. The Range Rover was a bit too much for us to get right now. I will drive the Range Rover again soon. And doesn’t the X6 look like a Polar Bear???

My mom was in dire need of a new vehicle and since I got a nice promotion at the end of the year, I decided that getting her a new car would be my first duty. My worry for her safety was #1. Then of course, I wanted it too.

I’ve known Yi-Wen since 2001-ish. My ex-husband and I got an employee an M3 under my credit (which the employee got his payment deducted out of his paycheck monthly).

Then I got a 645i, in 2005, with an exer who put me through the wringer (finally out of my hair and not affecting my life anymore).

All said and done, I was waiting to get back to Yi-Wen and get another BMW.

We got the 2016 X6 xDrive 35i with premium and sport packages. Alpine white on black Dakota leather, although I could have gotten Coral red or the Cognac. I wouldn’t have minded the Nappy leather too but oh well. The trim is the Polar Wood Trim, definitely not my favorite, actually the worst of it all, but I didn’t really have an option to be picky. AND it isn’t as bad as it used to be.

All this came into place since I’ve put my finances in order. I know exactly how much I have, what goes out, how much to spend, and what’s saving. I’ve never felt so refreshed in my life. 🙂

I’ve also given him a name already, let me introduce you to Troy. 😀






#MustHave @JoannaPark

I was making a return at #F21 and I had to get this for Jo.

First I saw donuts and I thought of her and then it just happened to be pink. When he removed what was siting on top I saw what it said, “Donut Care”, the perfect tote for Jo when she’s grocery shopping. 🙂

I got this in Irvine at the Spectrum and I don’t know why they would need these bags since it’s only LA where we have to bring out own grocery bags…

Either way, too cute for $2.90!

Donut Shopper Tote


@K1Speed #MondayFunday

After the Brabus showroom, we decided to race… @K1Speed.

I was so excited to race but on the first lap of my first race, I went too hard and crashed.

I banged my left leg into the middle metal area below the steering and it still hurts till this day. I couldn’t race after that, although I finished the race strong. I even got whiplash and my neck is in so much pain. IMG_5522



@PerrietJouet #PartyTime

@PerrietJouet #PartyTime

This weekend was weird for me. I kept thinking Saturday was Sunday because I dropped Tyler off Saturday night. Usually I drop him off Sunday and I have work so I felt the day confusion even more.

We drove to Irvine, met the dad and went over to a friend’s place. I can’t believe we drank til 1:30am. (We had gotten there around 7:30pm).

It was such a fun night with friends and the magnum. Always thankful. Thanks Frederick and Terry!
IMG_7041 IMG_7091#howtobeaman

Know to keep your fridge stocked with champagne. 😛

Luckily, he loves champagne!


#HBD @TeamFred!!!

#HBD @TeamFred!!!

Housewarming/Birthday celebration for Mr. Frederick!

Terry invited me before Fred did and I agreed to join in on the festivities with Bear!

We drank so many bottles of champagne and ate so much!

Thank you Fred for being such a generous host and providing unlimited bottles of magnums of #PerrierJouet and #DomPerignon! #hostesswiththemostess
















I’m a huge fan of classical music. When I have Tyler in the car, I never have contemporary music on. It’s always on Classical or Standards. Music these days are horrible for children.

I wanted to go to the Hollywood Bowl for this event but I’m out of town. When I saw the event for OC, I was ecstatic.

Tchaikovsky Spectacular with Fireworks


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