Broken @MarieNails #unicorn

I rushed to get it fixed because I would not be able to deal with a broken nail on my middle finger.

The camo is really growing on me, I almost want to do this every time but imaging the wait, I just want to kill myself.

Getting my mani and pedi has been a luxury. I started when I started my new job at the company about two years ago. I took a break since I couldn’t afford it and would always have to change my polish weekly. It was a chore.

Now it’s a chore to go every three weeks. I try to go once a month because spending $100ish dollars twice a month is not acceptable.

My usual gem mani and regular pedi is $87 +tip, this was $112 +tip.


@MarieNails @IloveKoreatown

That time of the month again, although I hate it when it ends up being twice a month. My budget doesn’t allow for that. I always go into wanting not to go glitter but when I get there, that’s all I want. There aren’t any other colors I imagine myself with. I used to do a solid color and the matching glitter. Now I do two glitter colors that compliment each other but not too matchy matchy. This time around I did a very beautiful lavender opaque and a silver glitter. My next appointment is on the 22nd, I already know what color I want to do! It’ll be a surprise!


Chelsea & I went to EMC for (my 2nd) dinner and drinks.

She thought she was fat so she kept covering her face! lol

We ordered the Veuve but they were out. AGAIN? Come on EMC, get it together!

We asked Charles for the Ace of Spade for the price of Veuve but instead he gave us this bottle for free.

We didn’t finish it because it wasn’t so yummy.

BUT, thank you Charles!


Oyster shooter for the night!


For food… go to PIGLETVENTURES

I felt really ugly last night.
IMG_1472 IMG_1471

I was annoyed that I was coming out so hideous.


We ordered uni pasta at the end. This is what made me 111 this am.


IMG_1475 IMG_1474