#KawsXPeanuts @UniqloUSA

I got the doll for Christmas and I love it. I am collecting all Snoopy dolls and such. I’m literally obsessed. They’re on sale now so if you’re just as obsessed as me, go ahead and click the link below. All the Uniqlo X Peanuts collab stuff is so cool.

I bought some shirts for Tyler but it was a size too small and too late to return. It was a bit annoying. I couldn’t even fit into it.

Most are all discounted heavily so enjoy!

UNIQLO Kaws X Peanuts Toy (Large), Black

@KAWS X @Snoopy

I’m not really a fan of Kaws, although I think Be@rBricks are the cutest thing.

I AM a fan of Snoopy and when I saw this decorative Halloween cookie/candy jar, I had to have it.

1. Snoopy

2. Limited Edition

3. Art

KAWS, MAN’S BEST FRIEND Exhibit is running now at the Honor Fraser Gallery:
September 13, 2014 — October 31, 2014

Thank Terry for the heads up!