Broken @MarieNails #unicorn

I rushed to get it fixed because I would not be able to deal with a broken nail on my middle finger.

The camo is really growing on me, I almost want to do this every time but imaging the wait, I just want to kill myself.

Getting my mani and pedi has been a luxury. I started when I started my new job at the company about two years ago. I took a break since I couldn’t afford it and would always have to change my polish weekly. It was a chore.

Now it’s a chore to go every three weeks. I try to go once a month because spending $100ish dollars twice a month is not acceptable.

My usual gem mani and regular pedi is $87 +tip, this was $112 +tip.


Wine & Wifi @TheLineHotel

I needed a drink and I needed to write. Couldn’t figure out where until @WriterLe recommended a hotel lobby bar. I had two glasses of wine and got some writing done but not enough. 

The only thing I wish for this experience to be more beneficial to me is that they have a better wine selection. 

This is going to be a norm for me. The Line Hotel + computer + alcohol.

$10 for valet + $7 HH wine (not so great) or $15 wine (still not great)

@MarieNails @IloveKoreatown

That time of the month again, although I hate it when it ends up being twice a month. My budget doesn’t allow for that. I always go into wanting not to go glitter but when I get there, that’s all I want. There aren’t any other colors I imagine myself with. I used to do a solid color and the matching glitter. Now I do two glitter colors that compliment each other but not too matchy matchy. This time around I did a very beautiful lavender opaque and a silver glitter. My next appointment is on the 22nd, I already know what color I want to do! It’ll be a surprise!

@TheCircleNYC #LDW

A trip to NY isn’t completed without a visit to The Circle NYC club in Koreatown.

I know, it’s so retarded that I still go k-clubbing but how can I not? I am KOREAN! 😛

We celebrated the night with JL and her bf and his friends. I almost hate NY in the summer because it’s so goddamn hot and thank GOD I had my hanky cause I needed to wipe my face, constantly. I don’t know how other girls do it with all the makeup on their face… I die!


All Tied Up Plunging Lace-Up Bodysuit BLACK
Faux Leather Shorts (similar)
Manolo Blahnik Neon Orange Pumps (similar)
















#HBD @PinkTerry!

A mini reunion with friends for a birthday dinner at #KobawooHouse.

There are friends that come and go. There are also friends that linger without much meaning. Then, there are those who we learn to love because we’ve grown into the friendship together.


I met Terry a while back and I always knew I liked her. It wasn’t until recently that we’re more similar than not. She’s cute, funny (like, actually funny) and her heart is filled with kindness. She’s strong, opinionate (when it counts) and did I mention how cute she is?

It was her #purtythirty (never #dirtythirty) #30th #Birthday and a dinner was in order.

We rounded up the crew… The wifey and his boo and moi!~

Dinner was amazing!!!! Company was more than I could ask for and the laughter was genuine. It was a poifect (as Terry would say) night.

I adore Terry so much that I wanted to introduce her to Bear Baby’s younger brother. (He ended up meeting a girl :().

The other day when I was thinking about my health and the possibility of dying (so random, I’m totally fine), I thought about Terry.

Terry is so amazing that if I were to die soon and she was single, I would want Bear Baby to marry Terry. That’s how amazing she is.

I hope that our friendship continues to grow and we’re able to have a night just like Monday, with the crew, more often than not. Too bad Jo couldn’t join!