Probably had the most fun doing sports related things. Watched the KC playoffs game at Tom’s Urban and then headed to the LA Kings game after.

They both won and we got shitfaced. 😛

LA Kings games are so fun. My first was in a suite and this time we sat so close and the energy was awesome!





@LAKings Game @StaplesCenter

We enjoyed a very suspenseful game sitting in the box suites at the Staples Center with plenty of food and drinks. I opted to stick to water since I didn’t want to be hungover the next day. 😛

The game started out with the Kings up 2-0, they tied in 2nd and was up by one point in the 3rd. 45 seconds left of 3rd, the Kings scored and they went into OT!

Nobody scored in OT so they had a shoot out and the Kings ended up winning the game! It was literally the perfect game to attend! My first #LAKINGS game, ever!

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