#LasVegas Again

Another Vegas trip in the books. I’ve been slow at updating my blog and it’s been on my mind… however balancing everything has been a struggle.

Things should always be in moderation but I have been obsessing over Vegas and once summer is done, I know I won’t be going as much.

The energy in Vegas is what I miss the most when I’m back in LA. It’s so exhilirating and I have so much fun! I don’t think going out in LA is just a fun…

Plunging Crisscross Bodysuit

Nike Sportswear
Wmns Air Vapormax Flyknit

Metallic Ankle Boots

Las Vegas Bachelorette 

Bear’s friend was getting married in Vegas and their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties were held prior to the wedding day. I, of course didn’t want to miss out on a chance to party in Vegas so I joined the girls at Tao and Marquee on Thursday and Friday. Wedding was at the Planet Hollywood Chapel on Saturday, which I saw Bear for the first time the entire weekend. My dear friend Gordo helped with the table and cabana service on the party days.

Tiangl Bikini (similar)
Necessary Clothing Dress
Manolo Pumps
Chanel Mini
Cafe Racer Sunglasses

LAX -> LAS -> LAX in 15 Hours

My trip to Las Vegas was short lived. Not that that was a bad thing. It’s actually the way to do it. I had all day Sunday to recoup and I needed it. I literally slept all day. I woke up twice to eat, but that’s about it. I arrived late evening on Friday, had a quick bite and joined my friend and his boss at Marquee. His boss came in on a helicopter with his wife for their six year anniversary + another couple. Just the four of them. How exciting and fun is that? They danced and drank and by the looks of it, they had a really great time. It made me think… Bear and I would never do something like that… he hates the club!

That was the first part of the night, the second part was at my friend’s table once the rest of his friends arrived. We drank and danced and tried to go to Drai’s but didn’t make it in… will not say why. When we got out of the hotel to get back to our rooms, the sun was out. We slept for a few hours and headed to the day club.

I originally went to join my friend because… well I missed Vegas. And he was there for work. I’m already thinking about when I could go back… hopefully in June! 🙂 😛

15 Hours in Las Vegas, BABY #snapstory

I wore my nude suede dress that I purchased in November 2015. It was long and had a slit in the front middle. Didn’t like that look anymore so I had it altered and it became a short dress.

Similar Nude Dress

Not-So-Basic Babe Midi Dress NUDE

I love the nude of the dress because it’s the perfect skin tone against my skin.

The lip product was the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color


@MarqueeLV #DayClub

I have not finished sharing my #violetwontdiesingle posts yet… 😛

We had such a blast at the day club until I got my cash and ID stolen. We had our own cabana and stored my little pouch in my friend’s backpack and my friends had their IDs and CCs and cash stolen out of the ziploc.

I couldn’t believe the audacity of these tramps that we were sharing the cabana with to steal our stuff! HOW RUDE! I would never steal and make it inconvenient for a person, IN VEGAS(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and steal their identification card. I was most worried about not being able to get to a club that night, not about my flight.

The flight part was easy. They just needed a debit card/cc to verify and checked my bags thoroughly.

My girls looked amazing and I was worried about nothing! I don’t know why I thought the girls would all be super hot and fit, most of the people at these places were ugly and fat. Minus my friends. 🙂









New Found LOVE for @DashBerlin @MarqueeLV #Round2

The second half of the night was spent at Marquee (after 1OAK) and our table was next to a group or Australian boys who were so excited about #DashBerlin. I couldn’t help but be excited too! They were waving their flags as Dash Berlin was performing and I got caught in the middle of it. So Dash Berlin is Australian. :/ I had no idea. I only knew of his name but never cared for the music, but now I do.







Girls Girls Girls @HakkasanLV @SLSLasVegas

The second night (Thursday) Tina joined us! We headed to Hakkasan again, then Tao to meet some friends and we stayed out til 6am!

It was the longest night I’ve had in a while. I don’t know what it is about Vegas, I never want to sleep! I wished we ended up staying at Hakkasan that night. We were having so much fun!

Thanks Tina for everything!!!