Need in my life! @JBrandJeans

I always wanted a gray pair. I’ve been watching this sucker for weeks now. ๐Ÿ™ This is the perfect pair, just like my white ones, it has a zipper and it’s super comfy.

If you don’t own leather pants, you need a pair, right meow! I used to be big on vegan leather pants from F21 but after having several pairs and them not lasting forever, I decided to invest in leather pants. But only from eBay cause I refuse to pay $1,000 for pants!

J Brand Gray Leather Pants


Dire Need #LeatherPants @JBrandJeans

My gf found these pants for me since I was looking for a new pair, but not for full price. She gave me a pair of blue Rag & Bone leather pants and I wear them almost every day! I always went the vegan route but finding one after the vegan leather pants rip, is a bit annoying. My black ones that I love and wear all the time is starting to get worn and I needed another pair stat. Thanks JL for my blue ones, I love it!!!

J Brand White Leather Pants


Thanks Bear COACH X PEANUTS @coach @Snoopy

Thanks Bear! Coach called him since he made a purchase the last time around to see if he wanted additional merchandise from the COACH X PEANUTS collection. Especially since it was now white.

uhhhhh duuuuhh!

Thank you Bear for my keychain! ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_4486

Jo went to the BH Coach store and took this photo for me… I want the largest one!!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE @balenciaga


It fits like a glove. Only issue I have is that the pockets aren’t wearable. I love to stick my hands in pockets in jackets and this one does not allow me to. At least it’s usable. Can’t see in this photo… will post better photo later and you will understand.

Still, hello??!!?!?!? It’s Balenciaga, bitches!



Picked up! @BALENCIAGA

If it weren’t for Catalina, I wouldn’t have been able to snatch the motorcycle leather jacket during the #Presale!

Her SA called her and she called me as soon as the store found out about the price drop.

I jumped on it quick. HELLO!!!??? I’ve been eyeing this jacket ever since she let me wear it when I was cold one night at Concerto!

I just booked my commercial and I decided that I would put my whole paycheck from the shoot to the jacket. ๐Ÿ˜›

Thank the lorrrdddd, everything happens for a reason.

I went, tried on, paid and left. I waited patiently for 12/4 and picked it up right after work with Jo. We had training in #Weho, so it worked out perfectly!



All Over It @HM

We were trying to kill time so we stopped by H&M too. I saw this and wanted to try it on but was too lazy. I need to go back.

Faux Leather Overall. I would totally link it but it’s not available on the website. Trust me, I searched everywhere.


Overalls are coming back in, I’m wondering if I should have kept my Calvin Klein Overalls from middle school. ๐Ÿ˜›

Who remembers this? hahahha #oldschool #baggywasin