Christmas Traditions Altered

Since I’ve been married my Christmases have been much different. We do the whole American way… we’ll I think it’s the American way because I’ve never done it thia way before.

My Korean American upbringing during Christmas was much different. My parents would always throw a huge party at our house and while the adults karaoke’d all night, the kids were off playing. We didn’t really exchange Christmas gifts. My parents bought gifts, wrapped it and put it under the tree for church people, friends, service people, and others. As for me (I am the only child), my mom would ask what I want and we’d go to the mall or wherever the item was being sold. This was basically my entire life. Being the only child, I never appreciated Christmas because I got what I wanted most of the time. Of course times have changed and I look forward to getting gifts during Christmas, especially since Bear has a huge family.

Lucky me, I got in early where one (or two) Christmas(es) I got a gift from each of the sibling and parent. It was a lot. Now we do Secret Santa, limit of $100 and we exchange it Christmas morning.

The only thing I hate about this new tradition is that I HATE opening gifts in front of people. Whether it be birthday, random, valentine, anniversary, Christmas… I hate it. I don’t like it when people watch me open it because they are going to see my reaction. What if I have the look of dissatisfaction? I’d be mortified! Being an only child, you’d think I’d like the attention on me but I kind of get a little weirded out.

Tomorrow morning we’re woken up and we all come down the stairs while the dad takes photos. I get shy but all of it’s really cute because it reminds me of how I look at Tyler, still a little child. Obvi, he is more than we are but parents will always be parents and we’re still children.

I hope all of you have an extraordinary holiday with loved ones!

Tyler is not with us this year again but he will be next year!


Thanksgiving was spent in Kansas this year, unlike last.

I have no idea why but all I do is sleep when I arrive.

This time was special, it was Tyler’s first visit and he loved it. He was so excited from the second he was dropped off to me and all the way throughout the trip. At times, I had to tell him to calm down.

We spend the entire time with his family, eating, drinking, watching tv, cooking, shopping and going outdoor activities.

We took Tyler to the shooting range, The Plaza (my favorite) and the ice skating rink.

He had so much fun and when I asked him if he would move here, he said yes! Now if my husband could get me to move here. I was okay with it a few years ago but I’m not too sure now. I love my job and can’t imagine not working or having to leave my company.

@MadameTussauds Visit #Tourists #LA

Bear’s little brother came to visit from Kansas and we took him the Hollywood Blvd. after dinner at In N Out. We parked at the Highland and Hollywood garage and walked west past the Chinese Mann Theater. There wasn’t much to do so I suggested the wax museum. I’ve never been and have wanted to go so I thought it would be the perfect time. Living in LA, I never do the touristy stuff since I grew up here. But also, Bear has never and he’s been here for only five years.

I couldn’t believe how ridiculously expensive the entrance ticket was. I didn’t mind paying for it but the next visitor we have, we’re definitely not bringing them to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. When I walked up, there was a price list on the counter. Everything was $59.99 and up. I asked what the price sheet was because I was in shock and didn’t want to believe that it was THAT pricey to get in. She said, those were the prices with the tours, which we didn’t need. I asked for entry price and she replied, $29.99, plus tax, the three of us got into the museum for the low price of $90 something! 😛

Once we were in, I forgot about the price. The wax statues were so realistic and a bit disturbing. As if they were going to start moving and become the actual celebrity, in real form. Every wrinkle detail on their face and hands were so lifelike. Their gums to their teeth and eyeballs were representational to a real human! We really enjoyed ourselves at the museum and I recommend it to anyone that has not been, to at least visit it once before they die. It’s truly amazing how true to life these figurines can be!




























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Decided to go out for a drink Monday night before the end of the year… Bear’s mommy suggested this place and lucky us, they had 1/2 off bottle under $100!

I originally chose the Veuve 1/2 bottle but that wasn’t included. 🙁

I chose the Moët Imperial presuming I wouldn’t finish it. (I haven’t been drinking much this trip).

I only had two glasses and we asked for the bill.

The bartender checked the bottle and asked if we wanted to take it home! I was so shocked I couldn’t reply. I asked again to confirm what she asked and she insisted we take the rest home! I said sure and in the doggy bag in went!

What a fucking great idea!