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I finally picked up my coat and it looks and feels like a brand new coat!

I don’t know why I thought it would be way more than what I spent and if I really think about the work they did…well, it’s so worth it.

 I bought my fur second hand (since I cannot afford it off the floor), and I felt that the previous owner did not take very good care of it.

It’s almost as good as new!

My review on Yelp:

Violet T.’s Yelp Review



Couple weeks ago, a gf of mine asked me if my _______ achievement (I can’t think of the word, but similar to proud/greatest/happiest something along those lines) was having Tyler. We were talking about Mother’s Day and how I had a horrible time… (blog post coming soon)

I answered NO. Tyler has been an amazing addition to my life, but I can’t say that he has been the best thing that has happened (assuming that, that was the context.)

The best thing that has happened to me as of yet is my transition into real estate. It all stemmed from meeting HC several years ago (I want to say 2008/2009) through mutual friends in the Asian party scene and keeping in contact.

Years later, she approached me while we were at an Art Gallery opening party with the same mutual friends. “I didn’t want to offend you, but I think you would do well in real estate. I always wanted to ask but I didn’t and now I am. Would you be interested in taking classes and getting your license?” (Something along those lines.) 1. I was honored that she asked me. 2. I was ready for a change in “career”. 3. I had tried to obtain my license before but I was not in the right mind set to really want it. I realized timing was everything (well, I knew before but… this time, timing for getting into real estate.)

She gave me a number to call for my classes and Bear and I signed up immediately. We took our exam months later and both passed. (He took an extra hour longer than me.)

Fast forward two years and here I am working for an unbelievably incredible role model who has taken me under her wing to learn every bit of everything in real estate. Her management skills, guidance, patience and work ethic has opened my mind to endless possibilities in every aspect of my life. The opportunity to be around someone like this is rare, I know. To be able to work alongside such a studious person has motivated me to become a better person in my work and personal life. The positive energy I have received (unintentionally) exudes out of me even when I’m away from the office. I have never been around a group of people that make me want to be a better person each and every day. And for that reason, my new job/career is the best thing that has happened to me, and if I really want to get in the nitty gritty of things, it was the chance of meeting HC and keeping in contact for this opportunity to arise.

This job has given me confidence that I never knew existed. Working for this company and with the people in our team has also changed the way I view life and my surroundings. Being around people who want to do better for themselves and work towards that goal is extremely instrumental in my path in succeeding. Knowing that I can do more than I sought out to do/be, being an integral part of a team and knowing that my input and hard work are recognized is crucial to me becoming a better me.

I don’t know where I would be without this and them. I have never been more proud to be doing what I’m doing and I’m so eager to see what comes of this. Never have I felt as challenged and inspired. Thank you HC and thank you God for all of this awesome experience!

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I needed a nap when I woke up and Bear had to drag me to do Jim but I’m so glad I went. I warmed up for five minutes and joined him to do weights… I’ve been overeating lately since I had planned to start a detox on Monday. Need to get back into #doingjim in the ams before work.

#FortCollins #Colorado Visit!

My friend TA recently moved her entire life to Colorado. My husband was leaving to New Orleans that weekend and NY was too far for me to travel to so I went to visit TA. Fort Collins, Colorado. An hour north of Denver and so close to the mountains. It was a perfect weekend because it snowed a lot and we just relaxed, talking about everything and laughing at anything. We also of course had some yummy food. The first place we went to was Lucile’s Creole Cafe.

We fell asleep early on Saturday (6pm!!!) so we didn’t have dinner but woke up early on Sunday to have breakfast again at Silver Grill Cafe. Both of these places had a long wait and now I know why! The food was amazing!

I can’t wait to visit again…traveling to Colorado was easy and Frontier was NOT bad!





@ShopOverland #FurHeaven

I died when we walked into this store…Fur galore, I was in heaven. I picked up something small for myself and for Tyler. It’s arriving tomorrow since they didn’t have my size and shipping was free. 🙂 Winter is almost over but I’ll have it forever to use!



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#EyebrowTattoo @IloveKoreatown #makeup

I added my snapchat videos from the day of my eyebrow tattoo. For the full video on my YT, make sure you scroll all the way down to watch it!

The process wasn’t bad the second time around. I came back for my touchup and knew I was going to be pleased with the outcome. More color, defined and filled in. I needed fuller brows and with this 3D technique, I was able to achieve the look that I wanted.

Before we started the process

#Raincoat @REDValentino

The forecast finally called for rain and I wore my RED Valentino rain coat that I got in the winter! I was super excited because I’ve been waiting to wear it out for so long! It has an underlay of lace with the clear raincoat material, trench style.

RED VALENTINO – C. Trench Poluretano Coat (Nero) Women’s Coat


@LAFW Opening Night Event

Our company sponsored the LAFW this year and we stopped by to have a few drinks and show face. It’s was a circus. There were contortionists, clowns and queens.

The LAFW doesn’t gather a great group of designers, nobody anybody would recognize. It’s a bit disheartening. :/

Need in my life! @JBrandJeans

I always wanted a gray pair. I’ve been watching this sucker for weeks now. 🙁 This is the perfect pair, just like my white ones, it has a zipper and it’s super comfy.

If you don’t own leather pants, you need a pair, right meow! I used to be big on vegan leather pants from F21 but after having several pairs and them not lasting forever, I decided to invest in leather pants. But only from eBay cause I refuse to pay $1,000 for pants!

J Brand Gray Leather Pants


@MZWallace #Backpack

Got my new backpack in! I freaking love it! I love quilted obviously because of Chanel and I love patent leather because it pops. I mainly got this to be my work bag but I found a better one, so I get to use this for weekend getaways and such. I haven’t carried a backpack… well I did have the Brabus one that I loved, but haven’t used that in a while either. When traveling backpacks are the best. Hands and arms are free and it’s easy to carry and throw around.

MZ Wallace ‘Metro’ Quilted Oxford Nylon Backpack – Black