Why Do People Do This? @Equinox #lockerroometiquette

Why do women at all of the Equinox gyms have this issue. Every single location I’ve visited, the women’s’ locker rooms look like shit. There are towels everywhere, stinky sneakers just lying around, their shit covering the entire bench. As you can see in the video below, the bench is wide and a square. If you are walking away from the bench, make sure you are only occupying the space of the size of your bag or put your shit in the locker. You should not be away from your stuff when it is covering that much of the surface area of a bench for more than the time it takes me to undress and put on my workout clothes.

Also, women who spread their hairs all over the shower walls and leave shaving tools in the shower AFTER you’re done using it, are disgusting. Clean up after yourselves.

Pick up after yourselves. The towels that you’ve used… put it in the dirty bin.

I just don’t understand.

Oh another thing, if I’m getting dressed and happened to be half-naked and there is another way to walk away from your locker aside from walking behind me and the bench (about 2.5′ of area between the locker and the bench which leave 1.5′ with me in between it), go the fuck around. Don’t ever fucking get that close to me when I’m half naked and the coast is clear the other way around.

The above paragrah is directed towards the fobby Chinese gym goers at the DTLA location. We’re not in China, we have this thing called personal space, we do NOT need to be close to each other.

#HowtobeaMAN pt. 2

Twice in one week… When you insist on having your wife take your car, please have the tank filled so she doesn’t have to go through the trouble of stopping by a gas station. After the tire incident this made me so furious again, in the am on my way to the office. In the am, I said I was going to take Maximus. He should’ve just let me take the Prius since I just filled up the tank the day before! He was super insistent on me taking Betty White. As soon as I got in the car, I freaking had fire coming out of my ears. Seriously. I hate things like this… and he knows it. I hope I got mad enough at him for him to remember never to do it again. 😛

I’m so jaded…

I was in Irvine at the BofA and I was walking towards the double doors to open and enter as a man was doing the same from the other side. I grabbed to open as he did too and his hand touched my hand. I said, ‘Excuse you’ and walked in and stood in line.

As I stood here I felt irritated by his rude behavior and wondered why he would grabbed it when I was obviously grabbing it. Then I realized, maybe he was trying to open it for me!

I’m so used to dirtbags with no manners in LA that I have my guard up even when I step out of LA. For heaven’s sake, Irvine is great and this old man probably didn’t mean no harm.


#NotRight #WhoDoesThat?

This may not exactly be sexual harassment but it’s not condoned by any women.

Unless you’re a fucking monkey or a stray dog that loves attention.

All the stupid people leaving comments talking crap about the girl have no right to say anything. They can’t determine how she felt when every man she walked by said something to make her feel uncomfortable.

It’s a double edge sword. If she doesn’t say anything, she’s being a bitch, if she does respond, they think it’s okay to behave that way. The reason why those men speak to her is to get a reaction. Maybe they’re the monkeys that need attention.

There are many times in Los Angeles where I’ve encountered men having a one-sided conversation with me as I walk by or even when I’m in my car. I see dirty POSs staring into my car from a truck and when I inch forward, they do the same. It may not be the words that come out of their mouths that make it sexual harassment but rather their intentions.

What makes them speak out and make women feel uncomfortable? FUCK YOU, you mom manner having, animalistic cultured fuck!