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 I woke up 109 so I had to go see my personal trainer. Even though I was so tired and I had to go to work after, I knew I couldn’t be lazy. I got an email about filling in at the sales office today because the girl scheduled got sick and I would have cancelled with Brent but I did that two weeks before and he would charge me a session if I didn’t cancel 24 hours in advance. 🙁

At least I made it in after!

Today was hard because Jo didn’t join me. Working out is always easier when a friend is with you, enduring all the pain as well.

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3rd session with Brent and I have to say I love our workouts. I’m just a bit disappointed when I don’t get sore. I’m NOT taking glutamine and I feel like I’m working as hard as I can but my body doesn’t feel like it should after a session with a personal trainer.

I do see the small changes in my body, arms, stomach, legs… I haven’t been doing much of other exercises and I know I should.

Maybe I should try a session alone and just see how it goes. If I’m sore after that, I’ll know that I’m not getting that great of a workout when I’m doing a semi-private lesson. 
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My favorite part of a workout is the stretching. I always want to ask someone at Equinox to stretch me on their beds but I feel weird asking. I missed having a personal trainer.

The stretch can be painful but it feels so good!






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Brent says I must take these:

I do what he says. Probably the only guy I listen to. Usually that’s the case, I only listen to my male trainers. Well during the time of training, it’s hard when I’m shoving food down my face to listen to their advice of about eating. 😛

MRM CLA 1250 High Potency,180 Softgels

(I need to take three after each meal. I used to take Tonalin before so I’m familiar with these)



NOW Foods L-Glutamine Pure Powder, 1-Pound

(After workout and before bed for recovery)

I actually decided not to order the Glutamine. Not really interested in taking stuff for my recovery. 😛

@MansionFitness #LookFitNaked

He knew I was taking a photo so he smiled.

Our first REAL session together and 1/3 into the hour, my legs were feeling like jello.

Jo has stronger legs and I have a stronger upper body so she was worried that our semi private lesson wouldn’t target each of our focal points. We tried the first session together and she was going to tell me after, if it would be worth it to share or to just go on our own.

She felt the workout she had was just like the ones she got alone. She didn’t feel like she was getting skimped out on her training.

As for me, well, I enjoyed my session with Jo. At times I felt like I was goofing off but I can’t help but giggle when I’m around her. 😛 She makes me laugh.

If she had not want to continue to do our semi private lessons, I would have probably just seen him once a week.

I go back tomorrow and I’m super excited!



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Ok that’s not me, but I met JO at the Mansion Fitness to get my assessment from Brent. He’s a trainer Jo found and started training with. I’m just piggy backing and doing a semi private!

I had a mini workout so he can see my strengths and weaknesses. Then he assessed my body. I have 20.5% body fat. He said he can get me to 16% and 108, I’ll be happy and then he’ll be happy that I’m happy!

My money wouldn’t go to waste!

Today’s workout was mini amazing. I can’t wait to see him again!





Not only was the workout great, the gym is quality.