#NYE @HotelSorellaKC

The hotel was in the city, at the Country Club Plaza. It was a boutique hotel and it was gorgeous! The staff was generous and everyone I saw walk through the lobby were beautiful and well dressed. Just the type of people I want to be around! šŸ™‚

(I love #Kansas).









Sweater Whether Rib Knit Dress – $32.00

There was also a birthday party… it was around 30 people and we rented out a penthouse with the maximum occupancy of 41. There was a patio with heat lamps but… it was WAY too cold to even step outside!



I was already a drink in so I made another when I got there and had some champagne.

THIS IS NOT OKAY! #fergusonshooting

I was driving to DTLA around 11:30pm and the whole freeway was closed off and the traffic was backed up to Irvine. JK, it was only backed up to the on ramp to the 110 when I got on. Either way, it’s really ridiculous all the commotion that’s going on for this whole James Michael Brown shit. Pun intended. It’s not OKAY, people of #LosAngeles! It’s NOT okay to ruin people’s commute and create a ruckus! Get it together, don’t you have something better to do than use this as an excuse to go out and act like monkeys???

If you haven’t watched my video, you should do it now.

Yes, I may not know the facts, but I know enough to make my own opinion.

If I had a gun and I was being charged at by a person (of any color) I would probably shoot them too.

It’s funny how everyone sent me a message on FB telling me to correct the name on the video. I know it was Michael Brown. I was just making a point to how insignificant his name is. And so is the color of the skin. It’s funny to act dumb sometimes.

I was just telling Jo the other day, I’m “dumb” smart. Way better than being “smart” dumb. šŸ˜›


@Royals #Fanatics

FANĀ noun
: an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator
: an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit)

A person does not have to be from the hometown team to be a fanatic. As I previous mentioned in a past post, I am a fan of the Kansas City Royals. Aside from their name ‘Royals’ which I LOVE, I love their city! I had the pleasure of meeting my fiancĆ© who happened to grow up in Kansas and now I’m rooting for his team!

He ended up getting himself the MLB World Series KC Royals hat before I could even think about getting it for him. He REALLY wanted it before the #WorldSeries ended.

To get your own MLB hat make sure you check outĀ http://www.fanatics.com/MLB_Hats!

Fanatics offers a ton of your favorite teamā€™s apparel, includingĀ baseball hats, to get you game day ready!

As for me, thereĀ are a handful of items I need want!


From top left clockwise:

Kansas City Royals Triple-Woven Jacquard 36” x 46” Baby Throw
Kansas City Royals New Era 2014 MLB World Series Bound AC59FIFTY On-Field Game Fitted Performance Hat
Majestic Threads George Brett Kansas City Royals #5 Cooperstown Collection Premium Tri-Blend T-Shirt
Kansas City Royals Hand Off Warmup Pant
Kansas City Royals Zubaz Pants
Kansas City Royals Women’s Glitter Flip Flops
Kansas City Royals Ladies Sleep Soft Tips Socks

If you need help gearingĀ up your #gameday styleĀ and memorabilia make sure you check out Fanatics.com!




Thank you for your kind gesture.

We decided that a wedding is too much to handle for us right now and all that matters is that we have our family and friends for a celebration in Los Angeles and possibly one in Kansas (much smaller) for his family and their friends.

Feasts of Fancy was our ideal spot to get hitched but because of our decision, it is very unfortunate that we won’t be able to taste or experience all that Feasts of Fancy has to offer.

We were really looking forward to it but circumstances change and we’re grateful to have met such an amazing group of people who run an exquisite business.

Many blessings to you, Feasts of Fancy!


Wedding Invitations

As much as I would have liked custom, one of a kind (the kind I don’t have to do anything) wedding invitations, we opted to same $1000 and get them online through Zazzle. I actually found a design that I really liked and now it’s just sitting in my cart.

I picked the Chalkboard Charm StyleĀ because of its simplicity.

Not only do they have the sets for RSVP, Accommodations and Invites, they also do custom stamps!

Below are the photos of what I picked out for our special day.

One postage for the RSVP cards and the other for the invites.



All we need to do now is get the accommodations in order and then I’ll add that to my basket and everything will be all under $500. I can’t believe the cost on the set. As much as I loved Underwood Letterpress in DTLA, I would much rather spend the extra money on more VeuveĀ decorations for the venue!