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I bought my tickets several weeks ago for #DateNight with Jo and her hubby, but she was not able to make it. Because of the #LAKINGS game, the parking was horrendous and they had to leave after circling 20 times!

The movie started off slow. I didn’t read the book and due to my horrible memory, I forgot how the last one ended. I had to pee when the previews came on so I was worried about the length, but it was actually much shorter than the rest.

I really hate how some previews are so unrelated to the film showing and sometimes, when I have Tyler, I cringe due to it. There were also babies and kids in the theater, which I didn’t appreciate at all.

We ended up reserving the last row of the theater (my favorite) but got four seats to ourselves. Bear and I sat in the middle and left one on each side for arm room.

I saw people who were looking for seats, but the bitch that I am, made sure to tell Bear to tell them that they wouldn’t be able to sit in those seats because we purchased it! 😛 Luckily, no one came by.

I like to imagine myself as the main character a lot of the times during movies. (My stupid dream of wanting to be an actress.) It’s crazy how big these productions are…

Guess who else is in this film, Joffrey’s wife in Game of Thrones! Margery, Natalie Dormer! I love her hair style in the movie!!!

After the movie, I went over to guest services to see if I could get a refund on the two seats that weren’t used. The gentleman was super kind and gave us two free tickets for another movie without even checking! 🙂

Now I have to wait a year for part 2!

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The Hunger Games


Family Activities

I get sad about the films that are in theaters.

There are never ANY great ones that I can take my son to watch.

The ones that are PG are torturous for me and the ones that are PG13 are way too violent/sexual and other inappropriate things.

This weekend, I wanted to take Tyler to the movies but it seems like the only thing available to watch is Planes.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I really want to see Lucy because I’m a fan of Scarlet Johansson but the film is rated R.


Which films will be you watching in the near future?

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