@NauticaMalibuTr #NauticaMalibuTri GO @PinkTerry!

When a friend is entering her first triathlon, you go and support. As much as I wanted to sleep in and not wake up at the crack of dawn, I decided to go… for her and for me.

    1. I could get used to waking up really early – for me
    2. I could go and support my friend – for her

I woke up around 3am and headed to South Bay to carpool. I took a mini nap on the way since PCH was starting to get some traffic. I packed the camo chair that I used at Tyler’s soccer games and brought a backpack with snacks, water, clothes and things to keep me busy. What I forgot was my damn external charger. Actually, I brought it in my purse but not in my backpack as we trekked down to the beach.

As I watched the sun come up and the people walk by with gears and outfits, I had a moment. All this emotion filled up and I was so proud of my friend. I almost teared up thinking about the achievement that she was going to accomplish in a few hours and how amazing all these people were to want to do something great for themselves.

I almost had a moment where I thought I would want to participate next year, but who knows. Maybe if I attend another triathlon next year, near this time, to bring the same emotions that were felt at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.

I was happy for my friend. I was not happy THAT I MISSED HER RUNNING PAST ME, SO CLOSE TO THE FINISH LINE, because I was looking for her and the moment she was coming, another Asian girl was a few feet in front with a shit ton of makeup that it distracted me!!!!! I was so mad I didn’t get a shot, but I was so happy that I was there to see her when she finished.

The amount of strength, passion and drive that she has is incomparable to anything I have done for myself in my lifetime. Watching her accomplish this has made me reevaluate my life and my actions. I am not even close to being a 1/4 of who she is and she inspires me to work on myself constantly and be a better person… for me, and nobody else.

If you need some pick me up in your life, I suggest that you volunteer at an event like this or surround yourself with friends like this. Terry, I’m so proud of you and so honored to have you as my friend! xxooxoxo