Work to Play – Best way to live #DW #OOTD #OOTN

Being a professional, I enjoy looking as #Glamoulous (Glamorous and Fabulous).

This concoction of items is exactly what I would wear if it were readily available in my closet in the morning when I wake up on a groggy Monday Tuesday morning. (I keep forgetting, my weekends are Sundays and Mondays, Tuesday becoming my Monday.) Everyone feels like shit on that first weekday back to the office, no matter how glamoulous your job is.

The trick for me is to ALWAYS dress like a million bucks. Nothing brightens up your day more than feeling confident in the way you look or even getting a few compliments from others. If you can notice a difference in yourself, for sure, the rest of the world can too.

I chose this amazing Sultry Mesh Panel Bodycon Dress because it seems to be the one that can go from day to night. I always like to enjoy a Happy Hour sesh with my girls after work and if I can look just as amazing from work to play, I’m on board!

I’ve been obsessed with clutches lately and I do have a fur clutch that I love, but this Rosette Clutch is almost like the fur (I love textures) but way more feminine. It also matches the nude heels I picked out.

Nude is my all time favorite color for almost everything. The Schutz Carmen Fringe Heel is sassy and classy. The nude helps it be a bit muted for work and perfect for play with the fringe. That is why nude is universal. No matter how trendy the item, it’s always muted! 🙂

Leather Jackets are a must in LA, it’s never too cold or never too hot in the evenings, so you grab and go with the easiest. I can’t live without a piece of leather and fur. My two favorite materials.

Accessories are meant to be stacked and worn heavily. Find the pieces that are suitable to you. I like one arm to be heavy and the other to be dainty, so play around and see what you like as your arm candy.

If you’re looking for that perfect #LBD (Little Black Dress), make sure you check out these amazing styles in DailyLook’s collection!

Beautysets - Work to Play


1st night out on the town. Not too bad. After dinner at Faith & Flower, we headed to Honey Cut to dance.

IT WAS DEAD. I didn’t get to break in my shoes as much as I wanted.

Dancing would have sure done the trick. Guess next time~


I want to try not to get too drunk in these shoes though. That’s my problem, I don’t know how to take care of my shit.


Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You!

A bit trendy, but I can’t stop looking at these! I’ve always wanted tan booties (actually white) but IDK if I would be able to keep them clean and or really wear them properly.

I always wonder, what color shoes are you suppose to wear when you’re dressed in all white?

Nude/Tan/White, I suppose, but I can never find the white right shoes!

Suede Fringe Booties in Taupe


These would be perfect for fall! Fall in Los Angeles, of course!

Looking Out

I’ve been obsessed with shoes lately, if you couldn’t tell…

I’ve been eyeing Kylie Jenner’s shoes in the photo below.

I saw it on ASOS (for the jacket) and Google searched everything to find that these beauties were GIANVITO ROSSI Leather Strap Sandals in Pietra. More than $1000, now $600 on Forward by Elyse Walker. (But only size 36 available, which is my size, but I still can’t get myself to purchase such trendy expensive shoes.)

 I LOVE THE LOOK, though…


I found two below that are similar in style…

Cheap but very stylish and sexy.

Snake Up On U Faux Leather Heels

101776-e-black-1 101776-e-white-1


That’s the great thing about cheap shoes, you don’t feel bad when the trend is over and or it’s ruined. You can just throw them out!