I got back from Kansas and celebrated NYE like a champ… woke up to this face on Tuesday. We went to the outlet and I bought a few things. Most worn in the photo. I got a super deal on an amazing Coach vest for $121! Originally $400 something. I love Coach RTW. Their accessories are whatever but their new designer is killing it!

Fat Face
NIX Blush
Coach Puffer Vest (similar)
Striped Turtleneck (similar)
Quay Sunglasses (similar)

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I got this for Paris last year, but now I use it at home and when I travel domestically as well. It has two usb plugs, plenty of outlets and it also comes with an adapter for international use!

There are other colors, I obviously got purple!

PowerCube Original Surge Protector Wall Adapter Power Strip with 4 outlets, Dual USB Ports and Resettable Fuse

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Went to the outlet to purchase the sac de jour from YSL since they were on sale for $1385! They weren’t as appealing as I remembered it during the last two visits. I was a bit bummed but happy that I didn’t spend the money. (Ended up getting a nail in the run flat tire so will have to spend money on THAT!) I also spotted a Balenciaga clutch but passed on that too. I ended up purchasing the lavender coat I’ve been eyeing at Vince and a pair of shoes for a wedding in June. Nothing special, just necessities. I really want a new purse though. Guess I’ll save a little more and get the Chanel mini. I find that little sucker to be super useful when I travel! (Thanks to Catalina who lets me borrow hers!)