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I got the doll for Christmas and I love it. I am collecting all Snoopy dolls and such. I’m literally obsessed. They’re on sale now so if you’re just as obsessed as me, go ahead and click the link below. All the Uniqlo X Peanuts collab stuff is so cool.

I bought some shirts for Tyler but it was a size too small and too late to return. It was a bit annoying. I couldn’t even fit into it.

Most are all discounted heavily so enjoy!

UNIQLO Kaws X Peanuts Toy (Large), Black

#CoachXPeanuts @Coach @Snoopy

Thank GOD I saw this today! It goes on sale on the site at midnight!!!!!

This is the most amazing thing ever.

BTW, COACH has really stepped up their game in quality and design. No more of that disgusting C print all over every damn thing.

I’m sad about the price points of these items but I NEED at least three of them.

The bigger black bag with Snoopy, large doll (over $700!) and the sweater or shirt, preferably both.

Looking on their site, I saw some of their other items that caught my eye that isn’t a part of this collection.

I’m dying over here waiting for the clock to strike midnight!





3/8 @Snoopy

It’s fun to come home and spend 30 minutes to an hour figuring this out.

Lately, I’ve been bored when I got home and would be stuck in front of the tv watching recorded shows, but now we have this to work on. Hopefully, it won’t be done by the time Tyler comes back during the weekend. 😛

I need to start looking at more puzzles to purchase.

I think 1000 piece puzzles are good for now!


I don’t remember the first one being that hard!


So I did it.

I decided to give up my brilliant current plate for a #Snoopy one.

Read about it in the below links:



As most of you already know, I’m obsessed with the cuteness of Snoopy. I have several stuffed toys of him. I love him so…

This ‘donation’ will help the California museums, and most of all, ME!

Only 7500 applicants needed, 1300 has been submitted so far. Oh wait, 1301!

Please help if you live in California and please help if you love Snoopy!

I had to give three choices:

(The heart is where #Snoopy will be placed)


When I checked with DMV, #piglet was already taken, boohoo