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I never win anything. So when I won the luxury perfume bottle from #HouseofSillage, I was enthralled with excitement. By winning the social media post campaign, I won a bottle of my choice! Hauts Bijoux!!

I discovered this bottle when I was in New York at Bergdorf Goodman buying Diana Vreeland’s Outrageous Simply Divine. If I hadn’t already bought my other expensive bottle, I would’ve bought House of Sillage… I mean, how could I NOT? Look at the gorgeous packaging!

Thank you so much House of Sillage for picking me! This is my favorite scent in their collection. I can’t wait to wear it out and discover additional scents by this perfumer!

Signature Hauts Bijoux Fragrance, 2.5 oz./ 75 mL

#Dunzo @GendarmeCologne

Finally finished this bottle. Only a few more sprays left. I remember I was given this perfume by Catalina back in 2005ish. It took me 10 years to finish…

It has the cleanest scent ever. Every time I wear the body oils (Egyptian Goddess and Love), I spray this for the extra oomph!

Carriere By Gendarme For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray




@JoMaloneLondon #DW

Catalina gave me her scent to try…can’t wait! It smells wonderful out of the bottle. It’s completely different from any other scents that I have so I wonder how it will smell on my body. Tomorrow is a new day. I LOVE new scents!

Jo Malone ‘Pomegranate Noir’ Bath Oil (1 oz.)

#DW Chance

I finally brought over the perfume from my mommy’s house and I wore it today after a long time!

I have the body cream but now I want the lotion!



Spray the perfume in your hair!


Thank you Bear Baby for my gifts!!!

Some arrived Friday when we got home.


One arrived earlier and he was hiding it under the dirty laundry! Of course I found it.


I love it all! Three ros√®s for my third birthday celebration with him! A photo of the perfume, Jour d’Herm√®s¬†because it’s coming later, panda card, snoopy lunch pail¬†and the Steve Madden quilted shoes!

The shoes are small but the right size is on its way!





Herm√®s, Jour d’Herm√®s has another scent called Absolu and it is just as magnificent as the original Jour d’Herm√®s.

It’s a bit pinker than the original and below, if you look close enough, it has Absolu written below.


Jour d’Herm√®s Absolu – Eau de parfum

I always want the body lotion and or cream and the shower gel.

I have yet to see the Absolu in those products but I feel like the base scent is similar enough that you’ll be able to get away with using the original lotion/cream and shower gel.

Jour d’Herm√®s – Perfumed body cream
Jour d’Herm√®s – Perfumed shower gel

#DW #Carriere #Scent

The past two days I wanted something a big more subtle.

I would have used my¬†Omnia Amethyste Perfume¬†but didn’t want to since I only had a little bit left.

I would rather finish off my less favorite ones.

This scent was given to me by Catalina back in 2005 and I’m finally running out!

I always loved men’s cologne as a teenager so this scent is perfect. It’s masculine enough without being to after-shavey and musky.

It’s like a what a man’s clean laundry should smell like!

Carriere Perfume By GENDARME FOR WOMEN




#DW #Lanvin

One thing I’m picky about is my scent. Just kidding, I think I’m picky about a lot of things.

I bought this a while back and haven’t used it for a long time. ALWAYS get body lotion with perfume.

Perfume goes on hair, lotion on the neck and upper arms. You want to make sure people smell the beautiful scent. It’s for others, not yourself, remember. Make a lasting impression.

Lavin Eclat d’Arpege

20140805-082035-30035469.jpgWhen I go out, I carry the travel size lotion to reapply.


My obsession with perfumes is going a bit out of hand…

What do I mean?

I spend about 5 minutes each morning debating on how I want to smell for the day.

That is why I have yet to pull the trigger on these two.

I went to Nordstroms to ask for a sample of the Jour d’Hermes because I don’t want to pay over $100 for it and discovered these.

Tocca Florence & Tocca Liliana

What I really love when it comes to perfume is when they have a whole body and bath care set. I love the body wash and lotion. If they offer shampoo and conditioner, I love it even more. Why? Because I like to smell the scent on me and not on my clothes.

Tip: If I only have the body wash, I rinse the loofah over my head and lather it into my hair and rinse it out. Just that much can make your hair smell just like the scent.

Tip: I also spray my perfume in my wet hair when I get out of the shower. Why? It lasts all day and every move, you can get a whiff without spraying too much and wasting it.


These below aren’t pricey so I may have to grab a sample from a department store and try it out soon. ūüėõ

Never buy a perfume without sampling it first. It may smell nice from the bottle but you never know how it’ll go with you natural body odor scent.


Remember to use Ebates or Mr. Rebates… they have rebates for Sephora & many department stores!


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