@Bugatti @Petersen_Museum

I had a wonderful evening with Luxury Living Group at the Petersen Automotive Museum a few weeks back. Bugatti Home was launching their U.S. sales and I got to see first hand the magnificent craftsmanship of the Bugatti home furnishings. And also got a free view of the Bugatti exhibit too. 🙂

I’ve always been a fan of cars. Growing up with automobiles, I was smitten at a young age. I remember roaming through the convention center as a child holding my daddy’s hand being wowed by the shiny cars on display.

As I got closer to driving age, I was able to really research each automaker and pick a car out for myself. Though my two choices at the age of 15 were the Mercedes CLK and the Porsche 911 (guess which I ended up getting), I always had a finer taste for automobiles and well, everything else in life.

I have yet to sit in a Bugatti, but I know one day it will come true.

I also overheard Petersen Museum has a vault with priceless vintage cars… Only if I had the opportunity…le sigh~


@Petersen_Museum #OPENHOUSE

I got an email asking to RSVP to their open house few weeks back and I had to add my name plus one for the event!

Hello??!?! Cars and free booze and food? Although I didn’t get to enjoy all of it, I was able to get some good eats and take a look at their space.

I’ve been there twice before and enjoyed it every time.

I should really make it a habit to go often.

Fred Astaire’s 1927 Rolls Royce, Liberace’s Phantom and so much more!

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After we went to my house to pick up his car that he needed and then had dinner at EMC.

IMG_5218 IMG_5221 IMG_5222 IMG_5229