#ProteinShake Needs

I have been transporting all my protein powders in ziploc bags. So ghetto.

I remember after Tyler grew up (out of formula) they invented this compartment thing for the powders.

I realized I could buy the thing for the babies for my travel needs!

This is going to be perfect!

Simba Twist-Lock Stackable Formula Dispenser and Snack Containers


Shake it up! #MustHave @BlenderBottle @OldSchoolLabs

AM drink before I run off to do Jim. Used the #BlenderBottle to help shake things up!

I’m not used to taking supplements so I had no idea what to expect. Fortunately, I wasn’t disgusted about the taste and the amount needed to take. (Unless I measured the water wrong).

I will say this, I tooted all morning. I’m not sure if it was due to the L-Glutamine
, but after I got back from #DoingJim, I was tooting all over the place. All morning while I was home but thankfully, not when I got to the office. 😛

Is L-Glutamine
suppose to make you tooty?

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