Why I get annoyed… #howtobeaMAN pt.1

So, we landed at LAX and when we got in our car, the tire light was on. That evening, we got home around 12:30am and had to go to the office the next day. That week, I needed to take Maximus because I was driving to Calabasas. When I got in my car, I was immediately annoyed. My husband, the “man” of the house should have taken car of this knowing that I was taking the car that week. He had a day or two to check on it. I mean… isn’t this why I got married? So I don’t have to do these things myself? Especially if he’s the last one that drove it?

#WasteofTime #VIPrius

It’s almost time for a new car… we’ve been discussing possibilities for me and Bear said that the best option would be to get a diesel. My options are then, very limited, but we’ve narrowed it down to… well, just one vehicle.

The BMW 535d. White of course and well, sport, premium, the same options I have on Troy. Bear’s lease is almost up as well, so we are hoping to get an awesome deal on two vehicles as oppose to just one. 😛

You know how happy I am, since I hate Bear’s car and I love new things!!!

I will miss Maximus and maybe, I’ll name my next baby Maximus Jr. but until I meet the fellow, I won’t know what his name will be. It just comes to me, ya know? I will also miss the high mileage and the 10 gallon tank.

I HATE IT #viprius

I hate putting gas in my car, and what I hate more than that is doing it at the crack of dawn! It’s scary when it’s that late or early. Crazy people may still be out and because it’s dark, it just seems unsafe. That’s why I snap a photo cause I have my phone always ready to take photos of creeps! JK, but I just do…

Putting gas in Maximus is always more pleasant than Hugh since it’s only a 10 gallon tank. It’s quick and especially since I already had 1/2 tank. I thought I would be driving to SB so I filled up but it was NOT necessary! 😛


For the fourth time in my life.

1st time was a home invasion. 2nd time I got mugged. 3rd time was a break in into my garage and car in my home. Today was the 4th.

I walked down to the garage to go to work and I noticed my trunk wide open. We have tandem parking and since my car has been out of commission, the CC has been parked behind my Prius. I thought either Bear Baby had left it open or the bumper sitting in my back seat and truck pushed the trunk open because it was pushing against it. Doesn’t really happen that way but getting broken in was the last thing on my mind.

As I walked closer, I saw the tool pouch on the floor. I came to the trunk and checked the box I had in the back with a computer monitor and other things. The computer monitor was still there. It WAS under the bumper so they probably didn’t have time. I closed the trunk and went to the front seat. Everything was thrown around all my sunglasses and eyeglasses. I stopped touching and got out and called Bear Baby.

I didn’t want to mess anything up for the cops when they came for the police report. I’ve had this happen before so I didn’t want to tamper and get the fingerprints smudged.

Now I’m waiting for the police. My Maximus VIPRIUS is having a lot of problems recently.




My friend who works for Toyota forwarded me an email for a casting call to all Prius drivers.


I submitted my photos (myself and the car) and got the audition location.

The money was too good to pass up.

So, I did all my work early and left the office around 3pm.






There isn’t a time I don’t get nervous. I’m always nervous at every audition.

I played #candycrush to get over it.

I think I did ok, we’ll see. Callback is Monday.



Koreans & their #Mercedes & #BMWs

I find it obvious and hilarious to see comments from other Koreans on my Korean friend’s #facebook post.

“Getting rid of my car in May. Need to lease or buy a car. Does anyone want me to buy or take over their lease? Wanting to see what my options are?”

Everyone and their unborn children came screaming BMW & Mercedes.

I of course rooted for my Toyota Prius.

It makes me laugh that I could come to this point in my life where I’m ok driving a great car that doesn’t have a luxury name attached to it but I still see other Koreans who would die without it.

It took a lot (time and others) to get to where I am today. To be happy with not having what everyone else has.

I grew up with Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rovers (not the sport, please) and I had to downgrade.

1. If you own a house and can afford the maintenance and gas for the luxury vehicle, good for you!

2. If you live in an apartment and NEED to drive you C-class or BMW 2/3/4 series, you need to re-evaluate your life.

3. If you don’t care about cars, but feel the need to drive a Mercedes or BMW because, well all your friends drive one, well you need a better self esteem.

When will Koreans learn that their showy behavior will only attract leeches and create a self hating jealous being that will never be happy with what they have because they associate everything with name brands and what people think.

If I can move forward, so can you.

If I can’t have the M6 or the S550, I’m good on the Mercedes & BMW.

You’re welcome!

@FlightCar #LAX

So I love making money while I’m actually not doing ANYTHING, so when I read about this service on some online news publication, I knew it was something I would be totally interested in.

1. Free parking

2. I get paid however much per mile

3. Free carwash

4. Black car takes me to the airport




Living like a poor person sucks, but if there are benefits to making money while being driven by a black car… sign me up.

The only thing I didn’t like about the ride in the black car was that I had to share it with another couple. But I understand, the company is a start up and they ONLY have one black car.

I really hope this business flourishes because it’s a damn great idea.

Who doesn’t want to make money while they’re on vacation/out of town?