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I got this pair somewhere around 2007 and I wore the hell out of them. They were so bad that I didnt’ want to pay a fortune to get it fixed and was too much of a hoarder to throw away. I probably moved with these shoes about five times and haven’t worn them for maybe 10 years. They were so beautiful when I first saw them in the store and I could not resist them. My dumbass can never take good care of anything so the fish net part ripped from the piping and the heels are all scuffed up. It’s funny because ont the box, the shoes were less than $600 and now if they were new, they’d be over $1,200!

I had some crystals at home for an art project and decided I’d do some DIY stuff. I sat there for 3 hours glueing each crystal on the perimeter of the piping. I realized I needed to do two lines since the rip was pretty big.

I was nervous at first because I didn’t want to mess it up, but realized it didn’t matter because no one would be that close to my feet anyway. It ended up being super easy and the shoes look fantastic.

Now that I’ve found a hobby, I’m searching through my house to see what else I can crystallize!

Black 12mm Crystals
E600 Glue
Jewel Setter

#Repeat #OOTN

So I decided to wear the same outfit both nights in Vegas. #DJMK1200 was spinning at Jewel and Omnia so I was good to go. I wouldn’t be seeing anyone twice, except that this girl I met totally stalked me at Omnia on Saturday after I met her on Friday. She asked on Friday what I was doing, I said Mike was spinning at Omnia, she asked if she could come. I thought it was a bit weird since I just met her. I asked, you and who else? She said she was with five friends, I said probably not. WTF.

She ended up showing up anyway and I had to turn her away. There wasn’t space for her!

She probably recognized the shirt…

The shirt was a hit. Metallic buttonup from H&M. I got compliments from a lot of people. So did my heels.

To your luck, it’s on sale.

H&M Shimmering Metallic Shirt
Manolo Blahnik Neon Orange Pumps (similar)

Reordered @manoloblahnik

Bear ordered me the size 36. It was a bit big. I went to NM and tried on the 35.5. It was too tight. They ordered another 36 for me and it arrived yesterday. Unfortunately it was still big. What a bummer!

Now I have to get insoles and all these things to make it fit. Maybe I should just get another pair and return these?

Women’s Manolo Blahnik ‘BB’ Pointy Toe Pump

Shoes Shoes Shoes I Do Adore

I tried on for size. I’m a 35.5 in Jimmy Choo Abel and as well as the Saint Laurent.

However, the Anouk Jimmy Choo’s, I’m at 36.

I’m waiting to get either green or blue (like below) pumps. I’ve came across online, Jimmy Choo green pumps in suede and Manolo satin blue pumps. Ugh… I die, I want it all!

Women’s Jimmy Choo ‘Anouk’ Genuine Snakeskin Pump
Women’s Jimmy Choo ‘Abel’ Patent Leather Pump – Black
Women’s Saint Laurent d’Orsay Pointy Toe Pump – Blue







All American

Patriotic Pride Crochet Bikini
Patriotic Pride Crochet Bikini
American Dream Sheer Scarf
American Dream Sheer Scarf
Seeing Stars Thigh-High Flag Socks
Seeing Stars Thigh-High Flag Socks
Sheer Striped Mesh American Flag Socks
Sheer Striped Mesh American Flag Socks
Patriotic Flag Design Bowtie USFLAG
Patriotic Flag Design Bowtie USFLAG
American Flag Socks
American Flag Socks
American Flag Canvas Sneakers
American Flag Canvas Sneakers
Salute Your American Flag Clutch
Salute Your American Flag Clutch
Americana Pointy Stiletto Heels
Americana Pointy Stiletto Heels
Flag You’re It Jeweled Pointy Pumps
Flag You're It Jeweled Pointy Pumps
Starry Night Patriotic Pointy Pumps
Starry Night Patriotic Pointy Pumps
Star Spangled Banner Wire Headband
Star Spangled Banner Wire Headband
Flag Day Destroyed Denim Shorts
Flag Day Destroyed Denim Shorts

@ManoloBlahnik @BarneysNY #Pumps



Finally used my birthday gift card from Clara μ–Έλ‹ˆ & Catalina and got myself another pair of Manolo Blahniks!

I wanted another color but it was too bright to wear daily. Thank you!!!

@Coach #DW

I ordered two sizes and the size six fit perfectly! These shoes are so cute and inconspicuously sexy. They have a nude version but it may be borderline tacky with the sparkle. At least the black version is a bit muted. I’m really loving Coach’s shoes and their outerwear. I still wouldn’t carry their handbags but the other stuff, well made and designed well! They’ve really stepped up their game!IMG_5559






Been a long time…

Wore out my #Louboutin out and man my feet are still killing me.

My legs are sore too and it’s not from the #kettleball class I took last weekend with JO. That’s still sore too, though.

The shoes were more comfortable than the #Manolos but by the end of the night… they weren’t.

AND, they were big on me. My feet lost weight, Terry said. πŸ˜›IMG_5436


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