In Search Of My New Engagement Ring…

Had a sapphire shipped from NY (video to follow this week) but it didn’t work out well. I saw two in NY that I loved but one was super pricey and the other was too dark. Of course I liked the pricey one…

I had the one in my budget shipped to because I thought I’d like it without the pricier one by it. But nope. I didn’t. It was still too dark!

I put the stone on a setting just to see.

I want the flower rings below though… $2,300… too rich for me (right meow).

Engagement Ring Replacement Hurdle

I have reached out to my long time family jeweler to hunt for a light purple sapphire for my replacement engagement ring. She found three but it was not it. The emerald cut was gorgeous but too dark, the round and pear were light but not light enought. It’s funny, because she made a good point. It’s going to be harder now than ever because I’m comparing it to something I had before. I really hope she can track one down. :/ I really want my engagement ring back…

New Engagement Ring

We’ve been searching for a while now… for a new sapphire stone. Perfect in color and size.

Finally my jeweler sent me some photos and we went to visit her on Saturday but she forgot to tell her mom and I had to leave without seeing it in person.

Three stones were found for me. Round, pear and emerald. The pear wasn’t GIA certified, round is the color I like, and the emerald was beautiful but too blue.

I’ll have to wait until the 16th to go take a look.

I’m leaning towards the pear but I really want to see more options and also on a setting.

Updates will be posted!

@PolarGlobal #VegasStyle

Jo and I NEVER take it off. Not even in Vegas. I actually thought about it while trying on my wedding dress…should I keep it on or no? πŸ˜›

I haven’t decided yet.

While in Vegas, we burned the most calories and took the most steps. πŸ™‚

Jewelry by: RubyStellaΒ & Adorn by Terry

Polar Loop BlackCurrant (Purple) Activity Tracker with H7 Transmitter


Best Day Ever @Bebe_Stores

I was in Rancho Mirage for work. We had an event, the launch of the Ritz Carlton Residences at Rancho Mirage. I knew I had to look appropriate but I didn’t want to look overdressed.

Apparently, I was not. I had never gotten so many compliments in my life, EVER. Every person I came across, commented on how beautiful the dress was and or how beautiful I looked.

Several weeks ago, Jo and I walked into BEBE. I haven’t been in that store in over 10 years. (We were looking for wedges for Vegas). I saw this dress and HAD to try it on.

It fit like a glove AND it was purple. This is the most girliest dress ever and it’s perfect on me! Now I just need another event to wear it to!

Too bad it stands out so much that it would be too apparent when I wear it again. πŸ™ I want this dress in every color, too bad there’s only one.