Company’s 5 Year Anniversary! 

LDW is always my birthday and the company’s anniversary party. This time around, I was in town so Bear and I attended the shindig!

My style is emulated from Catalina. She is so generous with all her amazing finds and wants to share with her loves. When she says something is fucking great and I have to buy it, I always do. Her sleek and clean style has always been an inspiration and this dress is one of the reasons why I will always look up to her for her sensibility in lifestyle.

This dress is the epitome of the lifestyle we live.

H&M Silk Maxi Dress (only navy available, however just as great)

#DoingJim @Equinox

Doing Jim at the DTLA location on weekends with the hubs. We walked through the parking garage and I saw a mirror and I couldn’t help myself!

Beyond Yoga Tank
Nike Compression Shorts
Quay High Key Sunglasses
Chill Pill iPhone Case
Polar Loop Crystal