2014 Season of #FD, I worked for Hankook Tires. This event, I was with Nexen. A season in between, it felt like I never left. I realized how much I enjoyed the lifestyle of being on the road and being around the automotive culture. Of course if I was traveling with Mercedes and F1 with Lewis Hamilton, it would be the most ideal situation, but I’m not. And I’m not a brat about it, I’m still grateful for the opportunity. 🙂

I am only able to join for the Long Beach (maybe Irwindale) event since it’s local. I can’t travel to the other cities due to my regular office hours. I did what I usually do at these events, take care of the VIP hospitality, the owners of the tire companies. Make sure they’re happy, escort them to the different activation tents, make sure they have a beer in their hands. This event was much more simpler due to me only being there on the day of the event. I arrived at 8:30am and hung around and said hello to old faces while I got accustomed to my new work environment. My day was pretty chill. Bear and Tyler joined later when it was Top 16. They had fun, I had a lot of fun and the rest of the night was even more fun. The boys went home first so I joined after I was off.

@K1Speed #MondayFunday

After the Brabus showroom, we decided to race… @K1Speed.

I was so excited to race but on the first lap of my first race, I went too hard and crashed.

I banged my left leg into the middle metal area below the steering and it still hurts till this day. I couldn’t race after that, although I finished the race strong. I even got whiplash and my neck is in so much pain. IMG_5522



@ScionRacing Pre-Party #SEMA

Thank you for the invite…!!!

Last night was the #Scion Pre-Party for #SEMA and the three little piglets went out to have some fun!

Jo actually didn’t drink a drop! I was so proud! As for me… well, I didn’t feel so well in the middle of the night.

Now I feel fine, ready for Round 2 tonight for Halloween Eve!

I saw a lot of faces that I thought I’d never see after #FormulaDrift.

It’s funny, most of them didn’t recognize me because I wasn’t in my Hankook shirt. 😛

Thank you again, Scion! We had a blast!



 Best #PhotoBooth EVER!








 I think I had four #GreyGoose on the rocks. 😛


 We got #photobombed




Finally got to hang out with Mr. Editor in Chief of Motor Trend!



THANKS #SCION for a great night!

#FDATL @FormulaD

Wednesday in #FDATL was hectic. We drove into the cit to go to Ikea. I think we were in the car and in traffic for about 6 hours. I was most of the day… running errands and picking up the necessary items for the event.

Came across Brockett Rd.



We picked up 200 orange cones for our Ride & Drive & Ride Along on the track for our VIP Experience for the distributors.


The new 2014 Tundra is AMAZING!



I went horseback riding, didn’t get far but I got really high!



I saw a digital soda machine that had flavored Ginger Ales and Sprite! I’ve seen the machines before, just not flavored #gingerale and #sprite.IMG_7233 IMG_7234


Of course, I’m at the front of line for the autograph signing. I think this is where I’ll be posted every event during this time. Come find me and say hi!



No day goes by without a #selfie! I was manning the fort on the golf cart… 🙂



Then the clouds came in… It was sudden and quick. Luckily we were able to get all the goodies inside the trailer and lock it down before anything went flying.


I noticed all the other tents and vendors scrambling to catch everything. They weren’t as prepared as us. 😛



Able to stay dry under our new awning! IMG_7244


I was able to catch a few practice runs after the rain took a break, but not long enough before it came back down. It was amazing to watch the drivers go balls out on their qualifying to make it to the TOP 32. I will honestly say, I wasn’t much into #drifting or #formulaD until I saw the drivers do what they do in the rain. I was secretly hoping I would see a car go flying but it didn’t happen.

Kept me on my toes though, the anxiety and excitement was incredible. I want to be a #hankookdriver!



Fredric Aasbo for 2nd in Round 2, #FDATL. If you didn’t catch his run with Chris, make sure you try to find it because he totally swoops in and beats him!

#TeamAasbo! Congratulations! I really hope to see all #hankookdrivers on the podium all season.



Airport hangouts… I was drunk waiting for my standby flight.


I was seated next to the biggest white man every. You can’t tell here but his shoulder was all up on my side. I couldn’t move nor could I use the armrest. 🙁



All in all, the trip was memorable. I learned A LOT and experienced something most people wish to go through.

Thank you City Tire Online and Hankook Tires for the opportunity and can’t wait to be in Homestead for Round 3!!!

For those of you wondering, my job may seem easy and fun from what I’m able to show you but you have NO idea the work and effort we all put in to make sure that we represent Hankook in the best way possible.

It’s a lot of hard work, actual heavy lifting and working together. We are friends, we are family, we are Hankook!

See you in Florida!


VIP Guest services, Hankook knows how to handle their clients.


Plenty of food, eye candy, drinks and unlimited amounts of laughter and conversations.

While every other vendor seemed to be scrambling and out of order, Hankook was composed and had a very organized setup.

Fans stood in a line (not blocking walkway) to get goodies and autographs while others were in the way of everyone else.

AND, most importantly, our models were the BEST! Looks and professionalism wise.

IMG_5961 IMG_5966 IMG_5973 IMG_5976 IMG_5979 IMG_5983 IMG_5984 IMG_5993 IMG_5995 IMG_5998 IMG_6011