#BangedUp #NYE

I didn’t shave so don’t mind my leg hairs if you can see them. I fell so many times on NYE, it’s laughable.

Some kept appearing after the fact. The ones on my leg hurt first, then it got blue. As for my arm, I just noticed it when I was curling my hair.

BTW, I am not a fan of Hello Kitty but I happen to have this towel wrap which I always go to after getting out of the shower. It’s so easy, most of the time easier than the robe cause it doesn’t have sleeves.

Also, I have not been that sloppy since IDK when. I made sure to let Bear know that my behavior was not usual. He laughed of course and played along with the joke, “Uh huh sure…” Basically, I don’t allow myself to act a fool when I’m traveling with DJ Mike K. It would make him look bad because he’s working. He’s a professional. If he were to be dragging a girl out, he probably wouldn’t get hired anymore, which means I won’t be able to go to Vegas… 🙁

I felt safe with Bear around, enough so that I got so shitfaced. #funtimes.

Hello Kitty Towel Wrap

#LaZY @InNOut @BMWIrvine

We needed dinner and I was already washed up so I just tagged along in my robe. I got this for Christmas one year and love it however, hate the color. I wish I had a solid color robe instead of this marbling one. I’d prefer white but then again, it’d get so dirty so quickly. Anyway, In N Out in my robe through the drive-thru.


Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Robe

Rainy Days #CozyUp

I don’t usually wear anything in bed, especially when I sleep. However it’s been unbearably cold this winter and I cannot stand waking up at 4:30am freezing my bum off walking to the bathroom in my underoo.

I asked for the CK pajama pants from my Secret Santa with my colleagues and I love them to death! I usually HATE pants when I sleep unless they’re long johns. I had fabric being bunched as I sleep, so the tighter they are the better. The CK ones aren’t super tight, but thin and tight enough where it’s not bothersome.

As for the robe, I like to wear it around the house. Like I said, I am usually just in my underoo, but with the cold weather, I need something other than that!

Women’s Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Robe
Calvin Klein Underwear – Shift Lounge Pants (Grey Heather)

Jersey Sheet Set – Solid – Room Essentials, Heather Gray

#DW @BarefootDreams

Bear had to stop by work late in the evening. I was ready for bed and didn’t want to go but I did need to go to the bank (ATM) so I joined. I figured I would be able to sit in the car so decided to wear my robe out. 😛

What I didn’t realize was that I would need to walk to the car and walk back to the apartment. People could see me in public with a robe! This was so wrong for my “look” but I didn’t care. I never want to get out of this robe! AND I asked Bear, “is it ok if I leave the house like this, people would see me in the lobby and elevator,” his response, “who cares!”

Luckily, I didn’t run into anyone! 🙂

Women’s Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe