#ThirstyThursday @PremChampagne

How could I not use the overused Thursday hashtag!?!!

My favorite hobby, DRINKING! I have to do something about that though…

This week, my #thirstythursday post is my new Veuve decoration/tool!

Veuve Clicquot Rosè, Ice Bucket and Megaphone!!!

I’ve been eyeing this for a while and I decided to forgo it. Then I had a panic attack after I told Bear to manage my money and I HAD to buy something. 😛

This is or was my last purchase. My justification… I wasted my last Veuve that came in a mini fridge because I left it in the freezer. 🙁

I shop at Preimer Champagne for all my champagne needs… Best and only place to get normal to giant sized bottles!! That’s where I got the Perrier Jouet Jeroboam! (Bigger than a magnum).

Veuve Clicquot Rose – Scream Your Love Ice Bucket

Unfortunately, the price went up from when I bought it. :/

@PerrietJouet #PartyTime

This weekend was weird for me. I kept thinking Saturday was Sunday because I dropped Tyler off Saturday night. Usually I drop him off Sunday and I have work so I felt the day confusion even more.

We drove to Irvine, met the dad and went over to a friend’s place. I can’t believe we drank til 1:30am. (We had gotten there around 7:30pm).

It was such a fun night with friends and the magnum. Always thankful. Thanks Frederick and Terry!
IMG_7041 IMG_7091#howtobeaman

Know to keep your fridge stocked with champagne. 😛

Luckily, he loves champagne!



Thank you Bear Baby for my gifts!!!

Some arrived Friday when we got home.


One arrived earlier and he was hiding it under the dirty laundry! Of course I found it.


I love it all! Three rosès for my third birthday celebration with him! A photo of the perfume, Jour d’Hermès because it’s coming later, panda card, snoopy lunch pail and the Steve Madden quilted shoes!

The shoes are small but the right size is on its way!




#AirportFun #FDNJ #newark

I had to get a bottle because I had three hour to chill…




I met three new friends today at the airport!

One bartender, one old lady (76years old) and one chemist from NoVa who works for M&M!

#airportlife isn’t so bad!!!


That’s the lady who I shared my champagne with.

I also met Kim sitting in the window seat in my row. I’m sitting aisle and no one is between us!

That’s her! And OMG she is beautiful! Look at her eyes!