Perfect Getaway @TheLineHotel

I’ve been wanting a #staycation for a while and now we have the perfect opportunity. We got a one night free voucher for modeling in their wedding shoot and I cannot wait to redeem it!
This hotel is both hip and chic without it being too pretentious. The cool color scheme and contemporary design makes you feel like you’re living ahead of time whilst you peek through the windows into the timeless view of Hollywood Hills.

This hotel is a #MUSTTRY if you’re ever visiting Los Angeles. It is prime to all areas such as Hollywood, DTLA, Beverly Hills, Westwood and smack dab in the core of KOREATOWN.

They offer bicycle rentals to whiz through LA traffic and it even has a horn for unconscientious drivers!

The Line Hotel offers many adventures in one place. The lobby is fun to people watch, trust me, you’ll never feel like you’re in Koreatown. The bar and cafe is perfect for #happyhour and snacks. (Don’t forget to try the mac & cheese pizza!) The Pot restaurant is nothing like you’ve experienced. The food and ambiance is out of this world. The pool is for relaxing, ping pong for athletes and foosball for reminiscing college years. (Unless you’re still in college, then you’re home away from home.) And of course the Commissary. I have yet to try but I saw the beauty from 10 feet away and I swear I heard birds singing and saw them dancing like the Disney movie Cinderella. It looks whimsical and I hear the food is worth overeating!

Again, I thank Roy Choi, team at The Line Hotel, Bonnie Tsang, Kelsey Kahn, Moon Canyon and my fiancé for such an unforgettable day!




@theLineHotelLA with the Girls…



After shabu we came to grab a drink at the Line Hotel.

It was cool until it reminded us of a Koreatown Night Club.

Fog and green laser lights. I was confused.

It went from cool to Ktown in matter of seconds.

Why can’t it be a little bit of both?

@TheLineHotel #GNO

I couldn’t help notice the slate gray/purple color scheme throughout the lobby. It had a modern feel without it looking uncomfortable.

The velvet booths were super cushiony and soft. The barstools could have used a little cushion. And definitely not enough purse hooks at the bar. If you’re a girl and have a purse you need to hang, sit at the corners of the bar.



The balloons apparently don’t need to get filled as often as I thought. Every two weeks!








At the bar with some “toy”. Skeptical about that title. JOh was ecstatic when she saw it in the acrylic containers sitting atop the bar.

She shrieked and wanted to sniff play with it. I’ve never seen it before. I was intrigued by it. Never even heard of it or saw anyone play with it during my childhood. Janie and JOh were ALL over it!



Look at what she did with it!


Janie’s work of art wasn’t so great. 😛



Crazy things!



I had to take this shot because if I were the bar manager, I wouldn’t want my patrons seeing sweat marks on my employees. The bartender was awesome, CJ or JR or something. Two letters for sure, maybe they should wear a dark denim buttonup as oppose to a light wash?



Dinner table… one of the Jonas brothers sitting behind Janie.








Hubby joined me for dinner and we stopped by Escala after.


I’d much rather have stayed at the Line Hotel. 🙁

Escala looked/felt like a dump after hanging out at the Pot Bar!