Travel Kit @KaiFragrance @HotToolsPro

Been traveling for work and I have my usual suspects with me…

I always do a face mask since I’m in my hotel room alone and watching a show.

Kai Body Butter
Travel Toiletry
Hot Tools Curler
pureGLO Brush
Face Mask

And of course my RUBYSTELLA jewelry.

Vintage Dior travel bag, can’t seem to throw it out. I just keep washing and washing it.


@RubyStellaInc Trunk Show @Bergdorfs

My friend JL visited Ruby & Stella at their exclusive Bergdorf Goodman’s Trunk Show few weekends ago in NY and I got this cute little photo with all of them!

R&S are the sweetest gems in the world and it’s just so ironic that they are working with gemstones and creating jewelry that every company ends up imitating. They are truly pioneers in their methods of design and marketing.

Make sure you check out their site if you haven’t!


@PolarGlobal #VegasStyle

Jo and I NEVER take it off. Not even in Vegas. I actually thought about it while trying on my wedding dress…should I keep it on or no? 😛

I haven’t decided yet.

While in Vegas, we burned the most calories and took the most steps. 🙂

Jewelry by: RubyStella & Adorn by Terry

Polar Loop BlackCurrant (Purple) Activity Tracker with H7 Transmitter


#MustHave @Catalinalinasu #Lipservice


Catalina Su Twinkle Lip Goss

I found it! It was lost in a zipper part of a different purse and now I can start using it again. Only thing, other than the Dior ‘Addict Lip Glow’, I put on my lips!!!


Jewelry by #RubyStella

Featured by @RubyStella


Featured again on RUBYSTELLA!

She always gets good shots of her pieces… I’ve been trying to get a good shot of the ear bar but haven’t been able to. Now here it is!


The wedding band was ready for pickup so I visited an old family friend at the jewelry district.

I originally wanted Ruby to produce Bear’s wedding band but her rising business kept me from getting it from her! I was totally fine with it because I’m just happy that her jewelry line is booming!

I have no patience at all. I contacted the girl who found my sapphire last Monday but she couldn’t give me an answer until later in the week so I decided to visit the Jewelry District alone after work.

The old family friend has a place called World Jewelry. My mother and I used to spend afternoons there while I was in high school and engaged my first time around. 😛

I sold my first engagement diamond to them, and later my grill. (Don’t judge).

It was only natural for me to visit them this time around in my life. 🙂

They had the exact wedding band Bear wanted, just not in the color.

He was very specific about his style. Squared off and in rose gold. It’s funny that the ajuma asked if I picked out the gold tone for him. O.O It was all his decision.

Of course while I was there, I had to pick out my wedding band. It was pretty simple and easy. I got the price and informed him last night. 😛