Shoes Shoes Shoes I Do Adore

I tried on for size. I’m a 35.5 in Jimmy Choo Abel and as well as the Saint Laurent.

However, the Anouk Jimmy Choo’s, I’m at 36.

I’m waiting to get either green or blue (like below) pumps. I’ve came across online, Jimmy Choo green pumps in suede and Manolo satin blue pumps. Ugh… I die, I want it all!

Women’s Jimmy Choo ‘Anouk’ Genuine Snakeskin Pump
Women’s Jimmy Choo ‘Abel’ Patent Leather Pump – Black
Women’s Saint Laurent d’Orsay Pointy Toe Pump – Blue








I got a gift card from Barney’s for my birthday gift and I was in dire need of new pumps.

I was torn between black and nude and wasn’t sure what size I would be since I haven’t bought designer shoes in so long!

My feet have definitely shrunk. I was a 35.5/36 in most.


They didn’t have the color option or size so had to try on other colors to see what my exact size would be.



I loved these Fendi Anne Point Toe Pumps but being that is was charcoal grey, I wouldn’t be able to wear them all the time.



These nudes didn’t match my skin tone.



These were better!


Tried the right shoe for size and the left shoe was the metallic rose gold. LOVE but not practical~



I loved them all, the red and pink were just for size.



Then we went to Saks and saw these beauties.

Best looking Swarovski crystal covered shoes I’ve ever seen. Perfect base and perfect stone color to give it that luster!





The last 36 was a floor model so the New York store isĀ suppose to send it over.

*I just got word from Scott at Barney’s and theirs is also discolored.

Scott is going to send the one in BH to repair to see if they can remove the mark on the shoe and I can come in after and see if it is acceptable. šŸ™

It’s going to take about two weeks.

What a bummer. I was also hoping to get a percentage off for taking the ones that are minimally damaged but guess they don’t do that anymore.

I will just have to wait. If it doesn’t work out, I’m going to take the Saint Laurent.