The day my phone was stolen… @Equinox #DoingJim

I had a very busy day ahead of me.I was meeting my colleague in Calabasas at our project at 7am, carpooling to Santa Barbara by 9am for a coffee meeting at 9:15am. Client meeting at 10am and heading back to Calabasas by 2pm for another client meeting and dinner at The Nice Guy for another colleagues birthday in the evening.

I decided to visit the Woodland Hills Equinox since I wanted to pass the bulk of the traffic in the am so I can be as close to Calabasas as I could be.

Woodland Hills location needs personal locks, Beverly Hills location has locks on the locker. I always carry a lock since I never know where I’ll be…

I locked my locker, worked out and came back to shower. Literally there were only 5 women in the gym. Granted it was 5am. I jumped into the shower around 6:20am. Got out and walked over to the locker to find it slightly open. My phone was gone, everything else was there. My fur coat, makeup bag, shoes, gym bag, cash.

I was horrified. I walked around the locker room to see if anyone was around. A lady was in there so I asked her if she saw anyone near my locker and if she could ask the receptionist if anyone brought it in.


I got dressed and ready as quickly as I could while I was panicking.

I went to the reception and started to tear because I was so upset. I asked if any females had left in the past 15 minutes and he said two had left.

I want to assume it was an employee because anyone at the gym at that time was not trying to steal things.

I filled out a form and had to be on my way, phoneless…

I was without a phone all day. I got to Calabasas and immediately shut my iphone off and reported it stolen.

They still have not turned it on.

I ended up going straight to an Apple store after I got done in Calabasas before my dinner. Century City had the jet black in 128GB. I had the matte black in 256GB iphone 7 plus in both.

I’m most annoyed about my passport card that was in my phone case.

Whomever stole my iphone will rot in hell.

I am so disappointed… so upset about the situation. Who would go into someones locker when closed… even though I forgot to put the lock on it while I went to shower, it was closed and they knew I was utilizing it so they invaded my space and stole it.

I hope they die.

On a side note…I’ve been to Equinox (all locations) many times where people have their things in the locker without a lock. I open it thinking it’s free and it’s not. I don’t fucking steal shit, I just close it and move onto the next.

The difference between people like me and people like them. Fucking scoundrels.


I am able to get up to $500 reimbursed for my stolen phone up to 120 days from the order date. So if you’ve gotten something damaged or stolen, check with the cc you purchased it with on what the terms and conditions are through the protection plan.

I went and filed a police report as well, so I could send it in.


My trip to NY in August was super eventful. The weather was much better and I experienced an amazing dining experience at The Nomad Hotel. Although it wasn’t truffle season and my gf JL really wanted me to try the truffle pasta.. we figured I’d be back soon enough to try it next time! We had frosé, saw sapphires and enjoyed the tolerable weather… way better than my trip before.

My next NY trip is in October, less than a month away and another in November… I’m excited to be back with my fur!

In Search Of My New Engagement Ring…

Had a sapphire shipped from NY (video to follow this week) but it didn’t work out well. I saw two in NY that I loved but one was super pricey and the other was too dark. Of course I liked the pricey one…

I had the one in my budget shipped to because I thought I’d like it without the pricier one by it. But nope. I didn’t. It was still too dark!

I put the stone on a setting just to see.

I want the flower rings below though… $2,300… too rich for me (right meow).

Engagement Ring Replacement Hurdle

I have reached out to my long time family jeweler to hunt for a light purple sapphire for my replacement engagement ring. She found three but it was not it. The emerald cut was gorgeous but too dark, the round and pear were light but not light enought. It’s funny, because she made a good point. It’s going to be harder now than ever because I’m comparing it to something I had before. I really hope she can track one down. :/ I really want my engagement ring back…

New Engagement Ring

We’ve been searching for a while now… for a new sapphire stone. Perfect in color and size.

Finally my jeweler sent me some photos and we went to visit her on Saturday but she forgot to tell her mom and I had to leave without seeing it in person.

Three stones were found for me. Round, pear and emerald. The pear wasn’t GIA certified, round is the color I like, and the emerald was beautiful but too blue.

I’ll have to wait until the 16th to go take a look.

I’m leaning towards the pear but I really want to see more options and also on a setting.

Updates will be posted!

I Love New York Too Much

Something about being away from Los Angeles makes me enjoy my weekend much more. Being home feels like home and I get lazy. Being away makes me feel more productive.

The photos are all over the place but that’s the jist of our trip.

We had brunch on Saturday, then napped. Kaskade at night and went to sleep.

We had Shake Shack when we woke up, then caviar at the Plaza Food Hall, then Quality Meats for some maritinis, St. Regis hotel for more drinks, and ended up at Sapphire. 😛

Yes, the strip club. It was a club night, so people were clubbing, but just at a strip club. I ran into my colleague and his gf, which was super cool. We hung out all night and rolled onto the air mattress around 4:30am.




































#HappyBirthday #HowToBeaLady

I always try to give a card if I don’t have time to get a gift. Always, at least a card.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Let people know how much they mean to you by your actions and not just your words.

To my jeweler JH (@JewelryBox) who made my engagement ring dreams come true! Thank you for finding the perfect stone for my ring. Finding a purple sapphire was like finding a needle in a haystack! You pulled it off and I’m so happy to have this beautiful piece of art on my finger!

Wishing you a fabulous birthday!


@CollegeHumor “Why Engagement Rings Are A Scam”

I admit, I really wanted a diamond ring.

Luckily I had two things going for me.

1. I’ve already had a 2.2 GIA certified brilliant diamond with ideal cut, clarity and color.

2. Sapphires come in purple.

Getting married for the second time isn’t so bad afterall! I don’t have to conform to the traditional values and cultures to satisfy everyone else while I’m unhappy.

Yes, I was unhappy at first that the diamond I would want would cost more than the piece of shit car I drive. (Sorry VIPRIUS).

But at the end of the day, I love my peice of shit car and I love my beautiful purple sapphire ring. I honestly think I love it more than I would have loved my generic diamond ring.

With that said, here is the video that urged me to write this post.


It’s true #debeers set out to create a historical catchphrase “Diamonds are forever”. Watch this documentary below on De Beers.

I did on Netflix! It was very interesting and educational!


Guess what? Diamonds are forever but so are other gemstones. I did my research before confirming my choice. I also viewed a lot of stones. I wanted to make sure I fell in love with the visual aesthetics of the stone in person and not just from online photos.


If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know I don’t bullshit.

When I picked out the stone I wanted, I was already thinking of the upgrade. I told Bear I wanted a diamond upgrade in the future. Yes, I can be a spoiled unappreciative bitch most some of the time but I come to my senses.

I will say this, I didn’t love my engagement ring at first. It took days after days for me to fall in love. I want to believe that it was simply the fact that it wasn’t a diamond. I felt the need to justify.

An engagement ring ISN’T necessary. A diamond isn’t the symbol of true love. Anything can represent the sentiment of a proposal. Just remember, it needs to be something YOU want and YOU love. Whether it’s a diamond, sapphire, band or rainbow loom. 😛

I may not have an overpriced diamond on my ring finger but I bet you I have something most of these diamond wearing women don’t have… a MAN who loves me more than anything in the world. And for that reason, I love my ring. Oh and it’s purple. 😉

It doesn’t matter what I wear on my finger, I only care that the person who gave it to me wants to make me happy for the rest of my life no matter what.

My ring is more beautiful than any other diamond out there because it represents me and the love that Bear and I have.

My sapphire is shiny, BIG, purple, GIA certified, cheaper than a diamond and most of all EXACTLY what I want.

Don’t feel the pressure of society to buy something that represents a tradition that was made up from a company to make money.

Be yourself and stand out from the rest. Don’t conform.

I don’t need an upgrade to a diamond, all I need is Bear by my side forever. My future husband is forever, a diamond is just a rock.



You guys are so amazing!

I have one piece I have yet to post… Need to get the right photo.

With the two Vs I can’t figure out how I want to wear it.

WEBSITE COMING SOON! (end of February)


All inquiries:

#whitegold #rosegold #yellowgold #14k #diamonds

She has over 150 different items… wait for it.







The Process

Picking out exactly what I wanted wasn’t a cinch.

When I first found out that he was interested in shopping for one from my dear friend Jo, I started to investigate. Well, I had her investigate.

Honestly, I wanted a 3 ct. pear cut diamond, GIA certified, with a rose gold setting. Now, let’s be honest, that’s a lot of money.

When I realized that I may be aiming too high and just how ridiculous it sounds to spend around $40k on a rock on my finger, I decided to research other options.

Granted $40k on my finger doesn’t sound bad, it wouldn’t sound bad to any girls out there. But now that I’m 31, don’t have my parents’ money to spend on a wedding, house, furnitures and dowry, I needed to really evaluate what I was asking my boyfriend to do.

Spend money on my ring OR spend it on a down payment for a house?



Trust me, as much as I want that 3 ct. pear, I can wait for the 5ct. pear for our 5th year anniversary, or a push gift. 😛

So then my journey began in finding the perfect gemstone.

After a few google searches, I found out that sapphires came in other colors. It also happened to be our birthstone!

I figured if it came in champagne, white, pink, blue and aqua, it would HAVE to come in purple. And it did! Different shades of purple.

Then I came across this photo…

I fell in love.


Lilac sapphire with a rose gold setting. I’m sure the lighting helped a lot, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this exact ring.

I did some more research and found many sites that sold a cheap version. Not an engagement ring version.

Luckily, I had a jeweler friend who helped me find the purple sapphire.

Sapphires are apparently highly desired, especially the purple. The shade, size and clarity needed to be perfect but because of the rarity of the gemstone, it took forever.

When she found the stones that she thought I may like, she called me over to take a look. I of course took Jo along.

She had three different sizes and shades, she wanted to gage my preference to figure out what she had to look for.

I knew I wanted to go with the lighter shade of purple and anywhere between 2.5 ct. to 4 ct.

This is when all the fun began!



After the first meeting, I went home and told Bear all about it. I convinced him that I wanted a purple sapphire. He kept arguing with me on how it wasn’t traditional and that he wanted to get me a diamond.

I refused. Every time I was drunk felt comfortable enough to talk about it, I professed how much I wanted the sapphire.

About a month passed by…

My friend JH, finally found the perfect stone.



After the stone was chosen, we moved onto the band. Of course, I was doing this all on my own with Jo and JH. My job was to figure out what I wanted before Bear went in for the kill.

I would hate to have him get something off of something I think I like and then I realize I don’t like it on my finger.

JH cooperatively helped me out. Showed me different settings and colors and made her suggestions.

I was sold on the rose gold, but for some reason, it didn’t make the ring POP and it didn’t look like an engagement ring.

So I opted for platinum.





This all happened over the summer. I had no idea what was happening between then, well maybe a little.

I knew it was coming, just didn’t know when.

Then he proposed. Now I have this beautiful ring on my finger that symbolizes us for eternity.

Our birthstone, my favorite color and so clear and beautiful, just like our future. 🙂


I realize now, I don’t need a diamond, I probably didn’t even need a stone, I just need Bear and his love forever.