15 Hours in Las Vegas, BABY #snapstory

I wore my nude suede dress that I purchased in November 2015. It was long and had a slit in the front middle. Didn’t like that look anymore so I had it altered and it became a short dress.

Similar Nude Dress

Not-So-Basic Babe Midi Dress NUDE

I love the nude of the dress because it’s the perfect skin tone against my skin.

The lip product was the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color


@CamKixOfficial #Bluetooth

My cousin RC kept recording Snapchats without using his phone AND I knew that it wasn’t anyone recording him. So I had to ask. He bought this little device from Amazon (link below) to record snaps, hands free! I of course had to get it too. How else am I suppose to record myself eating without this!

CamKix Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control with Wrist Strap for Smartphones



I imagine this is how most girls wake up if they don’t wash their face before going to sleep after a night out! 😛

Not to sound like I know better than anyone, but not wearing a lot of makeup is actually okay. I used to wear makeup, not I don’t. You just need to get used to seeing your face bare. And it’s cheaper. HA!

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