With and Without´╗┐ @Adidas #Sneakers

I’ve been wanting these sneakers for the longest time and I finally found it (thanks to Evelyn Lin). I love reflective shit and this was the first reflective item I ever wanted.

Now there is this jacket that I love that’s reflective… one at a time though.

Not that I run in the evenings and I need to be visible but these shoes are not only freaking cool but also so comfy!

Adidas ZX Flux (Xeno)

Have You Heard? @TheRealNinjaSox

My favorite socks of all time. These are the only socks I wear when I wear sneakers because it’s truly a no show sock. I hate it when I see people wear socks and it’s peeping above their shoes. Get with the program people. Why do you think my #OOTD is on point.

It’s the details that matter.

The Real Ninja Sox


@Adidas #Sneakers #Reflective

I love snakeskin, and I do love reflective things. This style is particularly interesting since it reminds me of my childhood. I love that they have modernized the look and brought it back to hit a lot of people’s memories from back in the day.

adidas Stan Smith Shoes Vintage White/Reflective
adidas Stan Smith Shoes White

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