Fun in the Snow w/ @365Colorado #HorseTooth Mountain @LarimerCounty @Horsetoothd

#FortCollins #Colorado Visit!

My friend TA recently moved her entire life to Colorado. My husband was leaving to New Orleans that weekend and NY was too far for me to travel to so I went to visit TA. Fort Collins, Colorado. An hour north of Denver and so close to the mountains. It was a perfect weekend because it snowed a lot and we just relaxed, talking about everything and laughing at anything. We also of course had some yummy food. The first place we went to was Lucile’s Creole Cafe.

We fell asleep early on Saturday (6pm!!!) so we didn’t have dinner but woke up early on Sunday to have breakfast again at Silver Grill Cafe. Both of these places had a long wait and now I know why! The food was amazing!

I can’t wait to visit again…traveling to Colorado was easy and Frontier was NOT bad!





It’s Cold Outside!

It’s things I’ve never seen before!

It’s weird to experience something knowing that it’s the norm.

I’ve seen snow and stuff when I go to Mammoth or Big Bear but not actually live with or around it.

It’s actually nice.

I’m acting like a total LA Girl visitor of course.

Every time I get out of the car, I jump into the pile of snow and squish my feel around.

Bear : You’re not going to work out in your new Nikes but you’re going to jump in the snow in them?!??

Me: Ummmm yes! Working out is more damaging to the shoe 🙂




When we went to church Christmas Eve the sidewalk was filled with snow.

I didn’t think it would be appropriate to wear boots to church so I wore my sling backs.

Bad idea. It maybe good idea, Bear carried me over the snow. 🙂

He’s so amazing. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I feel extra grateful to have met such an amazing man and family.



I still need to make snow angels… to be continued!