#TylerDay #Football

Tyler’s 2nd to last football game and I had to go since I barely saw him in October. My son is so athletic and quick. He may be small but he is aggressive and loves sports. He dreams to be a pro football player one day and though I may not wish that upon my child, I guess I will support him. My worry will be that he will get hurt and be out of commission for the rest of his life! We’ll see if he likes it in high school. Being small, he may not like getting shoved around when flags aren’t involved.


Tailgate @USC

I got to visit my husband’s office for the very first time… during my 2nd tailgate of my life.

I didn’t enjoy the tailgate as much as I should have… reasons to be kept unknown.

Next time, I’ll need a flask filled with vodka. AND early arrival.

@Royals vs. @Angles

Kansas City Royals played the Anaheim Angels and Bear bought us great tickets to the game. Unfortunately I was on my cleanse so I had fruit (and alcohol). Vlog coming soon!

Fun in the Snow w/ @365Colorado #HorseTooth Mountain @LarimerCounty @Horsetoothd

I hate sports!

Okay, so I only liked it for a little bit. I paid $20 to a guy at the office to join in on a bracket thing for March Madness. Bear picked my teams of course because I don’t know anything about college basketball. I lost. I am in 11th place. Kansas and Michigan was his final pick and neither made it. He also made mistakes like picking Texas A&M when he meant to pick Texas or vice versa… whatever, I lost.

We had dinner Sunday evening and he was sneaking in a sports game. Honestly I didn’t care because I was too busy snapchatting my face.

The moral of the story is, sports is fun when there’s is money on it. And even more fun if I win. Bear won $100 so I was happy. 🙂

@Dodgers #Game @FrankSinatra #Tribute

I don’t really do sporting events unless a Kansas team is playing or the seats are fucking awesome. Of course, when it’s Frank Sinatra’s tribute, I’d be there. This year, if he was still alive, he’d be 100 years old! Now if you know me and have been following me for quite some time, or not quite some time, you will know that I LOVE Frank Sinatra.

I get google alerts and thank god I do cause I would have missed out on this opportunity to miss the tribute at the Dodger’s Stadium. I really only wanted the shirt and the shirt I got.

Thanks Bear for the tix!

















1.  11/4/14 TUESDAY 7:30PM – LAKERS VS SUNS – PR 1 ROW 3 SEAT 7 & 8 – $120/TICKET

2. 11/9/14 SUNDAY 6:30PM – LAKERS VS HORNETS – PR 1 ROW 3 SEAT 7 & 8 – $140/TICKET

3. 11/10/14 MONDAY 7:30PM – CLIPPERS VS SPURS – PR 1 ROW 3 SEAT 7 & 8 – $150/TICKET

4. 11/14/14 FRIDAY 7:00PM – LAKERS VS SPURS – PR 1 ROW 3 SEAT 7 & 8 – $225/TICKET

5. 11/15/14 SATURDAY 7:30PM – CLIPPERS VS SUNS – PR 1 ROW 3 SEAT 7 & 8 – $150/TICKET SOLD

or best offer! thanks~





Why am I obsessed with the @Royals ?

I’m Korean. Korean American, I guess.

I still have my Korean passport, which means (for those of you confused) I’m still a Korean citizen. I came to the U.S. when I was 6 months old. My dad was in the U.S. Army and was enlisted in Korea. He was married to my mother so he knocked her up, and we arrived on American soil in March of 1983.

My dad is an American citizen and my mommy is not. He took the test before I was 18 but he was too excited in the moment of getting naturalized that he forgot to list me as a child. I could have surpassed all the bullshit of applying, paying and going through the process if he had remembered. Unfortunately, he didn’t. The real reason why? I hope that was the real reason! 😛

Now… Why do I feel so connected to Kansas? I’m more Korean than American. That’s the best part of being an immigrant. I can pick and choose the best things about being a transplant and use it to my advantage. 😛

I AM NOT into sports. I care about the kind of sports that no one thinks of as sports. Figure skating and, actually, that’s it, figure skating. Ha!

Bear Baby loves football and he’s an ‘All American’. He’s nice enough to not watch it around me or really talk about it. Let’s just say, he is into it in the right amount of being into it. It works out perfectly.

He loves the Steelers because his father’s family is from Pittsburgh. He love Kansas sports teams because he’s from Kansas. If the Steelers were playing the Chiefs, he’d root for the Steelers.

I never ever felt like I belonged to America. Maybe it was my fault or maybe not, either way, I was never gung-ho about anything American. Okay, I take that back, I love McDonalds. I’m super GUNGHO about McDonalds. LOL

My fiancé Bear Baby is from Kansas and I feel most connected to Kansas than anything else. I love what he loves and everything that encompasses his life.

Therefore, if Kansas City Royals are in the #WorldSeries, I’m going to fucking root for Kansas City Royals!!!!

He is the reason why being in America was worth it. He makes me proud to be Korean-AMERICAN.



#MustDo #Steelers

It’s Bear Baby’s birthday this Friday and I had to order the birthday gift wrap to wrap at the office.

I decided to get him his favorite team’s wrapping paper!


Always be supportive of his favorite sports team! 😛

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Gift Wrap




For @BearBaby

He’s been laughing in my face about football season starting because he knows how much I hate sports.

Well, let me be clear. Sports on television is a nuisance and very irritating.

Sports, live, is a different story.

I’ll go to any game, anywhere and any time.

Something about the commentators and the crowd noise together bothers me so much.

When I came across this, I knew it would be the perfect ‘once in a blue moon’ gift.

He’s a huge Steelers fan. I know he will appreciate his lunch a little bit more in this container.

This is why he loves me so much. 😛

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 9

Set of 2 NFL Team-Theme Lunch Containers


The time is nearing and the doors will soon be open at the newly constructed LUXURIOUS sports club in Koreatown!

Make sure, if you haven’t done so to check out their satellite office in the building of :

3470 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

They are located next to the women’s spa and can give you all the information that you need.

There are a lot of promotions going on so please feel free to ask!

Koreatown was in NEED of a sports club and we need the nearby residents and business men/women to utilize all the amazing amenities.

It’s convenient, clean and most of all better than any other sports club can offer in a 5 mile radius!

Living a healthy lifestyle is about convenience and located in the heart of Koreatown, it is the most convenient place for all 120k residents!