Back to 40 Straight @Equinox #DoingJim

I used to do two 20 minutes sessions on the stairmaster. I decided to go for it, I mean, I used to freaking do an hour straight!

Depending on the Equinox, I’m either doing 40 minutes or 45 minutes.

I skipped doing Jim for a little over a week so I’m weak. 😛


Good Morning! @Equinox #DoingJim

I always go on Mondays… at least 3 times a week on the weekdays before work and either once or both days on the weekend. I need to win that bet.




#DoingJim @Equinox

Two weeks ago, I went to the gym. All last week, I didn’t go. So far this week, I went Monday, not Tuesday (yet), but hopefully I will the rest of the week. My sleeping has been off, so IDK how I really feel about waking up at 4:30am. The hardest part about it is that I wake up when the sun is not up. I hate doing things while everyone else is sleeping. I get scared in the dark so I end up leaving the kitchen light on and my mom and Bear always ask why. I told them I was scared and they laughed.

#DoingJim @Equinox #DTLA

I made it to the gym!!! After work too! I must try to go every day. I have to. Although my inner hip hurts 10 minutes into my stairmaster. I have to figure out what that area is called and find a stretch for that area. I’ve tried everything to stretch it out, but I just can’t!

Polar Loop BlackCurrant (Purple) Activity Tracker with H7 Transmitter






#DoingJim @Equinox

Man, I don’t know how long it’s been but it felt fucking great!

I only did 45 minutes on the stairmaster but I burned a shit ton of calories.

Vegas, here I come!!

I’m able to track my workout with my favorite accessory! It’s sporty and so not my usual style but I love my Polar Loop and HRM transmitter that I put on to track accurate calories burned!

Polar Loop BlackCurrant (Purple) Activity Tracker with H7 Transmitter

In and Out @Equinox

Before anyone is even up!

Glad I woke up early and got to doing Jim.

It’s 6:30 and I’m headed home for breakfast and some work.

This HAS to be my new lifestyle.

Arrived before doors opened.


Then it was a ghost-town!


Usual cardio for an hour!




It was still dark outside!


#DoingJim @Equinox

Barely made it to do Jim this am.

I’m a stickler for schedules and being on time.

So I had known my ex husband would push back the time to meet so I can pick up Tyler, I would have woken up earlier and gone to the gym. I would have been able to squeeze in an hour.

We planned to meet at 9am, he let me know at 8am. Pushed back to 10:30am so I rushed to the gym but still didn’t have time for an hour.

THIS is why I like to make schedules and stick to it. One thing can throw off one person’s day!

Either way I got it in.



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