@TheCoffeeBean vs. @Starbucks #ColdCups

I always wondered why Coffee Bean didn’t have the cold cups and one day I walked into a Krispy Kreme and saw it! I had to get it because you know, their branding is purple.

After use, I realized the cup didn’t hold up as well as Starbucks. There was too much condensation and it didn’t keep my drink cold. It was basically just a cup in tumbler form. I did like the Coffee Bean designs.

Starbucks > Coffee Bean Cold Cups

Morning @Starbucks

I don’t know why Starbucks can’t set something up on their system to signify how many pumps of the sugared crap they need to pump into the drink. I always and only ask for one. I specify. 70% of the time I order, I get the full amount of pumps. In my triple espresso over ice, I only want one, actually half, but they couldn’t get it right so I just resorted to one. Can you imagine how sweet my drink it with only three shots? I hate it. I can tell immediately by the color. They also sometimes put too much soy milk. It’s should be a the color of a Lindt milk chocolate ball. #duh!

#Hacked @Starbucks

I got an email notification saying that my card was reloaded. I went into my app to see my history and the next thing after I screen grab the photo below, my card disappears. Someone signed on as me, reloaded my card, transferred my balances and deleted everything!

Luckily I caught it in time to call Starbucks and provide them with the information of card that was transferred to. I got an email for the balance transfer and the last four digits of the card was provided. Starbucks was able to cancel the card before they used it and I got refunded.




I got this while I was in Kansas. Actually, my future MIL bought one, they charged for two and she gave me the extra one. 🙂

I used a generic one while running walking on the treadmill in their basement while I was in Kansas and fell in love.

It keeps cold drinks cool without producing condensation on the outside. A bit heavy, but definitely worth the $11.

Starbucks Cold Cup 24oz.

Make sure you go through…MrRebates.com, they have higher rebates than Ebates.com.


Like the SIL said, “You drink more water when it’s through a straw.”