Back to School

I started my first quarter at Walden University Online to get my B.A. in Communications.

I knew that since I had my student email, I’d be able to get my Amazon Prime membership for free.

Little did I know that my current Prime membership that I paid for would get completely cancelled out.

I had till end of October to use the year long membership that I paid $79.00 for, before they hiked the cost to $99.00.

With all the benefits though, I would have still paid, $99.00 when my year was up.

I decided to sign up to the student Prime membership only to realize that I do not have Amazon Instant Video Access.

You would think that I would have the full access to Prime since I had about a month left? Nope, I have to pay $49.00 for my next year.

I of course sent an email and once it’s cancelled, it’s cancelled. At least, I now only have to pay $49.00 for the full benefits of Prime.

Hopefully, if you’re a student and have a student email, you’ve signed up for Amazon Student FREEĀ Prime Membership.