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I always wondered about Matsuhisa and the quality of the food for a very long time. So when Melissa wanted sushi and when Matsuhisa was picked, I had no qualms about it!

Our “Babes Who Dine” social group makes up of six of us. Each birthday, we celebrate over dinner and drinks, sometimes more, sometimes not. We all met through The Agency, some having a longer relationship than others.

Dinner was always great because the company was ace. However, the food was whatever. I was a bit disappointed in the overall experience in the cuisine area however, I did enjoy the authenticity of the establishment and intimacy of the venue.

I did notice a private room, sushi bar seating, probably omakase in the back which was inconspicuous that I’d like to experience. 🙂

Happiest birthday to you Melissa and until next year!

Kansas : Day 1

Of course I didn’t go to the gym.

We woke up, watched TV and I decided to go back to sleep.

Wasn’t feeling any better this morning and couldn’t sleep because of my sore throat last night.

By the time everyone came home from their day, I woke up to get ready for lunch.

We went to a local sushi place, Kaiyo. To my surprise their fish was buttery and fresh. Who would’ve thought, great sashimi in Kansas. 😀 I don’t mean to sound ignorant but most people from big cities assume the same. As long as the town has money, they will have great fish. Even with no ocean near them. 😛

We stopped by CVS after to get more meds and came back to the house to grab all the toys for the shooting range. 🙂

I’ve been looking forward to go shooting again after the last time in Riverside.

We shot A LOT today. I couldn’t hit the target as well as last time but nonetheless, still fun! It was in the high 40’s so it was cold. I wish I would’ve brought warmer clothes.









We came back to the house after and Bear’s mom made us a delicious meal. I had a beer. 😛 We talked, watched a movie, ate some more and now in bed.

Tomorrow we get to have some BBQ!

I’ve been eating a lot of chocolates. I should really stop before I get back home and realize I’ve gained 10 pounds.

See you tomorrow!