#Pigletventures #TraderJoes Pick Up

Every Sunday we go to Trader Joe’s to prep for the week.

Bear gets this chicken below (we had it at his mom’s over the holidays) and makes rice with it. It’s super tasty and easy to prep.



Another One Bites the Dust

I cannot get enough of this. I tried to save the bottles from when I first started finishing it but Bear insisted that I didn’t. He really deters me from being creative… :/ Few bottles ago, I decided not to listen to him. I have not two or three, not enough to make or create something but soon I will. I eat so much of it.

Trader Joe’s Habanero Hot Sauce

Another one bites the dust… @TraderJoesList

I wish I would have saved all the bottles that I’ve consumed. I could have made an art installation. I’m serious.

I feel like I’ve slowed down, but I shall save it from now on. For the purpose of art, not because I’m a hoarder.


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